Do it! :D They have a sale on the website, that’s where i got mine from :’) & if it’s good i’ll probably get more lol I’ll have to go into boots when i’m next at the Metro now :) 


A bit off topic but i just watched the first episode of Game of thrones & it was so good! Why did i wait so long to watch it lol

ashleighjadesmith said:

Hah I think you got most your votes from me because I didn't realize you just had to click the link to vote. I kept refreshing the page because it wasn't showing faces where the leaderboard is hah and then I kept clicking the link you gave everyone to see if that would work :')

Could be! I didn’t think that you could vote multiple times though, they usually leave it at the limit of once so that people don’t spam vote themselves haha, but idk, you could be right!

I can’t see the leaderboard anymore either o.O Maybe it takes everyone’s faces down for a time for a vote recount or something :D I have NOOOO idea hahaha.

Edit: I think you can vote as many times as you want haha - so thank you! :D


ashleighjadesmith replied to your postPacking for London is taking longer than expected

I went for 2 nights and took a suitcase with me…don’t feel to bad about it we are girls at the end of the day hah My excuse was I needed atleast 3 outfits a day LMAO

Ha I have 2 options for each of the nights I go out and about 4 options for each of the days and 8 pairs of shoes WTF! I even have a good outfit planned to sit on the train in all day tomorrow WTF is wrong with me ha nevermind straighteners, hair dryer, make up accessories, jewellery! God I have problems haha