"I’ve been living on the streets or the occasional freight train for eighteen years. But I don’t panhandle. I’ve always been a working man, except for the past eleven months. I was an investigator, I’ve been a bus driver, recently I’ve done clean-up work. But now I’ve got cataracts and I’m legally blind. I can’t even see the cars going by, and well, your face is just a blur. I’m having surgery in a couple of weeks to correct it. My other senses are so heightened right now, I almost don’t want to lose that. But, the VA is taking care of my surgery. And it will be great to be able to work again.”

"You were in the military?" 

"I was in the marines, but not in combat. No, I went through combat at the age of three when my sisters tried to kill me, literally. There was a lot of abuse. Then I was in a correctional facility from age eleven to seventeen because there wasn’t really any foster care system back then. I’ve had all kinds of assessments done, and the only thing I came out of my childhood with was PTSD. So I have a lot of friends out here who are vets, and we both know what its like to have PTSD, though for different reasons. Yeah, I feel like I won the Powerball in life. Seriously, I’m lucky. I’m living my life how I want. And you know, I won’t put any lipstick marks on the mirror, but I’m a hell of a smart guy."

(In Ashland, Oregon.)