Billy Collins’ book stolen, shot up, then returned

Somebody in Asheville, North Carolina doesn’t think too kindly of two-time U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins.

According to the proprietors of The Captain’s Bookshelf someone took a copy of Nine Horses by Collins from the shelf, brought it home, then proceeded to shoot more than 20 shotgun pellets from close range through the book. And if that wasn’t enough the book crook also “meticulously defaced in ink” the author’s portrait by adding a devil’s beard and mustache and blacking out the eyes before returning it to the shelf.

The bookshop owners believe “the culprit is not just an irate reader, but a disgruntled poet who may have been turned down in one of the many contests that Collins has judged.”

Book thief vents rage on laureate’s poetry with shotgun | Asheville Citizen-Times

North Carolina Republicans Compare Flying Rainbow Flag To Flying The Nazi Flag

North Carolina Republicans Compare Flying Rainbow Flag To Flying The Nazi Flag

On Friday, a federal judge struck down North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban, paving the way for marriage equality in the state. The previous day the Asheville City Hall hung a two-story rainbow flag on the side of the building in anticipation of the historic ruling that has now advanced civil rights. The city council unanimously approved of flying the flag and the mayor had no problem with…

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I was walking behind these two sweet little old ladies in Asheville, North Carolina, and we passed this window display with two mannequins whose pants legs were twisted around in an attempt to be quirky and fashionable and I clearly overheard one little old lady say to her friend “it looks like those mannequins need to take a piss in the WORST WAY!” and her friend nodded and added “I bet mannequins piss like fucking racehorses!” and I started cracking up so hard I almost missed hearing the first little old lady say “oh listen, Ethel! That young lady behind us thinks we’re funny!”