Daxter/Daecca Reed  has been passing out White Supremacist recruitment flyers in Asheville (including at a house show I was at on Monday) promoting the National Youth Front, the youth wing of the AFP which is an American white nationalist organization. These groups are beyond disgusting and their hate speech and promotion of racism will not be tolerated. Many members of the DIY community here in Asheville have taken action to shut down this guy’s efforts to spread racist hate and violence, but it can’t stop there. If you are from the WNC area, please distribute this flyer! 

We have no tolerance for intolerance 


Some awesome things have happened since I’ve been in #Asheville. For one thing, I’m literally eating, drinking, and breathing #yoga right now- my body and soul feel better than they have in…probably ever. My practice has seen great improvement- catching serious hang time in #sirsasana was a beautiful treat this afternoon.

I’m really thankful for all of these really obvious beautiful things because I actually had an unbelievably frustrating experience today. During today’s teacher training, we watched a video featuring some pretty self-indulgent representatives of a very popular style of yoga- I’m not going to say the names of the people or the style of yoga, but the people in the video were (in my opinion) acting really narcissistic and superficial, and there were some pretty ghastly displays of cultural appropriation and brash moments of self-promotion. I was appalled. I spent the last portion of the film searching the faces of my classmates, assuming that at least one other person must be having a similar reaction. Strangely, everyone else seemed to be chillin’.

During discussion, I was shocked- NO ONE seemed to have any problem with the people in the video. They all thought their behavior was normal, even ASPIRATIONAL (!!!!)- to them, that level of shameless self-promotion was perfectly acceptable in our world of Western yoga. When I brought up my concerns and specific moments that gave me pause, almost everyone met me with blank stares.

But then I remembered- oh, yeah. We live in a world where Westerners shamelessly appropriate the cultures of others ALL THE FUCKING TIME. In fact, cultural appropriation is a huge part of why I know anything about yoga. It was a humbling moment. I mean, I could rant for ages about how offensive that fucking video was, but it really doesn’t matter in the long run because the same cultural appropriation that brought that video to fruition is the same appropriation that brought me the practice that changed my life. I guess what I’m trying to say is- I need to learn to let shit go. Song is The Black Keys ” Grown So Ugly”

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