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Honestly, I miss 5sos. I don’t know why or when I feel this way, but I miss them. I miss their dumb twitcams, the pointless keeks, and most of all, those 4 dorky dorks. 5sos are getting more and more famous every second, they made it guys, they really did. Then look at us, the 5sosfam. We are proud of them for making this far, being a small band from Sydney. Why are people mobbing 5sos, why are there so much drama in the fam, why are we not the chillest fandom we used to be? Where did awkward Luke go? Where did giggly Ash, who sings about chocolate milk go? Why is Calum smoking? Is that hot or harmful? Why is Ashton with Bryana? Is she changing Ashton? Why are there more and more people calling Michael ugly? Why are 5sos always clubbing? Why did Luke, who always choose to ignore, respond to a rumour indirectly on twitter? Is 5sos happy right now? Is the 5sosfam happy right now? And lastly, are 5sos really just kids who grew up too fast?

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Favourite blogs? And friends on here?

I’ll keep this alphabetical because they’re all wonderful in their own ways:

blondesinwonderland (sometimes NSFW)

Our latest Name That Cheese offering comes from a combination fruit farm and goat dairy…but it’s a sheep’s milk cheese!

Say what? It’s true. The producers own a herd of goats but recently started buying small amounts of local sheep’s milk to expand their efforts. This particular cheese is dusted in vegetable ash to balance the acidity in the cheese and the texture is Brie-like (you can see it “melting” a little in the picture above).

So? Think you can Name That Cheese? Reblog and let us know! The sheep cheese from our last post was Red Vask made by Grafton Village Cheese. Then name of the cheese reflects its bright red exterior that develops as the cheese is washed during its two-month aging period. Thanks to all for guessing!

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your device and write down the first ten songs then pass it on to other people. One Rule: No skipping

1. Stay  tonight - Tom Odell 

2. Retrograde - James Blake 

3. Fitzpleasure - Alt-J

4. Keep your head - Ben Howard

5. The ash and clay - The Milk Carton Kids

6. Lover and a man - Michael Prins

7. Kiara - Bonobo

8. Words as weapons - Birdy

9. There is a stone - John Smith

10. Latch - Discolosure feat Sam Smith

Thank you this was Awesome! I feel like this really represents my taste of music!

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