Hahaha omg but imagine you’re giving ashton the cold shoulder because he made you angry and hes trying all ways to get you to talk to him, saying im sorrys and i love yous and even whining but you still wouldnt respond so he gets really frustrated like, “are you really not going to fucking talk to me?!?!!” And then as soon as he said it he covers his mouth and mumbles “sorry i swore…” And that made you want to roll your eyes and chuckle at him because you’re thinking ugh why are you so cute and lame im supposed to be mad at you!!! But he quickly catches you trying not to smile and went, “….are youuuu smiling?????” with that stupid cheeky grin in your face and you know you simply cannot not give in to that so you couldnt help but burst into laughter hes such an idiot lol

Vampire looks.

I didn’t shower this morning, so my hair and shit is crazy messy.

This picture is making me physically ill. Looking back at other pictures, I don’t recognize my face and I feel like I need to sleep this weird feeling off. Ugh…