Asexy April is a month-long fanworks fest celebrating asexual, aromantic, grey-A, and demisexual characters and their relationships, back for its third year in a row! All canons, headcanons, and forms of media are welcome here!

Submit your fics, art, music, videos, mixes, meta, and anything else you want to produce to this blog or tag them #asexy april to have them reblogged! Works on AO3 can be submitted to the collection!

Posting begins April 1st and runs all month. We can’t wait to see what you make!

AcesinSpace's big bang challenge for "Asexy April"

As some of you may know, every April there is a aro/ace spectrum fanworks challenge called Asexy April. I thought a variation on a ‘big bang’ would be fun for the challenge this year.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a big bang is a fanworks challenge where people write fanfiction that is accompanied by fanart. The rules vary from challenge to challenge. Here are the rules for this challenge.

  • Follow the rules for Asexy April.
  • No maximum or minimum word limit, just be reasonable.
  • Canon, Legends, EU, and OC characters are all welcome.
  • Reverse Bangs (art created first, then the fic is written) are also welcome.
  • Prompts can be submitted at any time and will be kept here for authors and artists to choose from. I’m not going to limit the number of authors/artists per prompt right now because I think that they are open ended enough that there could be very different works spawned from the same prompt. We really need more prompts.
  • I’ve made a separate page here to post the author and artist profiles to help people find each other for collaboration.
  • Please try to have everything finished by the end of April.

If you’d like to participate, please submit the following to this blog:

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Pairing: Rei/Nagisa; Rin/Haru (or, rather, Rin’s big gay crush)

Also features: Basically everyone

Rating: T

“Nagisa-kun, is this a date?”

With that one question, Rei is thrown into extensive research to discover what it means to be attracted to another, and where his own attraction lies. And, though reluctant, his friends try their best to help.

Written for Asexy April!

Ok but consider this- Asexual Leonard McCoy

  • ace!mccoy being totally in love with jocelyn, but they can’t reconcile their differences and she leaves
  • in ‘the man trap’ he is telepathically influenced by “nancy crater” and is deeply offended when spock accuses him of thinking with his glands
  • ace!mccoy easily getting past mudd’s women. he’s way more concerned about his machine that goes ‘bleep’
  • mccoy being deadly serious when he says he only peeks in the line of duty
  • ace!mccoy unable to puzzle out pon farr until spock explains it
  • mccoy becoming increasingly frustrated with eleen, and wanting nothing to do with babies beyond delivery and proper medical care
  • and the kicker:
  • ace!mccoy very much liking natira
  • but when she wants him to be her mate he backs away faster than you can say ‘xenopolycythemia’
  • but oh, she genuinely loves him, and he decides to give this crazy thing a chance
  • ace!mccoy being 1701% done with spock and zarabeth

Pairing: Nagisa Hazuki/Rei Ryugazaki

Rating: T (they talk about sex and porn but not in detail)

Word Count: 2065

Summary: Nagisa learns what kind of magazines Rei hides under his bed, and Rei learns a bit more about Nagisa. (I’ve seen a couple Reigisa fics with asexual Rei but I haven’t seen any asexual Nagisa before, so I decided to give it a try.) 

Written for Asexy April.

Another Arrangement (Good Omens)

Queerplatonic, fluffy Aziraphale and Crowley. I’ve always read both of them as entirely ace – mostly because of the “sexless unless they make an effort” line – and their relationship is no less wonderful and compelling for it. 300 words. G

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An ace Doctor/Master playlist for asexy-april!

Human language cannot describe the relationship between these two nonbinary aliens (other than ‘asexual’). It’s just too complicated. Too much. Too everything. Listen here.

Name // Goo Goo Dolls
You Do Something to Me // Paul Weller
Flaws // Bastille
Oceans Pt. I // Crywolf & Ianborg
Bleeding Out // Imagine Dragons
Undisclosed Desires // Muse
Circles // Passenger
Laughter Lines // Bastille
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) // Sleeping At Last

Asexy April Big Bang Submission

Link to previous work: (no star wars fic specifically there, but some ace stuff and an idea of writing style)
Summary of fic: (post-ANH, pre-ESB) When Alliance business mean Leia has to pull out of a mission she was planning on accompanying the boys on, Han’s fairly certain it’s the perfect opportunity to tease Luke about his very visible disappointment. But it doesn’t take much conversation for him to realize that the kid doesn’t actually know exactly what he’s feeling — or even what most people felt in the first place. And since it looks like this goes beyond Luke’s typical farmboy naiveté, Han decides to help him figure it out.

This sounds great! Artist followers, if you’d like to participate in the Big Bang Challenge for Asexy April, here is a third option for you.

Remember that you can also do a reverse bang (art that inspires the fic), and/or submit prompts for people to write/draw. Here is what we have on the prompts page, and the profile page already.

Keep the profiles and prompts coming everyone!


Asexy April is an open, informal panfandom challenge, and we want your creativity! From now until April 30th, let’s create and share as many ace-centric fanworks as we can, for any fandom, in any medium, from anywhere on the ace spectrum.

The challenge was created in response to a lot of negativity, erasure, and nastiness that’s been circulating in fandoms lately, so Asexy April is a place for positivity and celebration, but also for critical thought, analysis, and meta. It’s informal, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s insignificant – after all, fandom is a fairly significant platform for the ace community, as is Tumblr. So write or draw or otherwise create, submit, and share! 

[Still probably not gonna finish polishing this part tonight because I am the worst, but I wrote this today for Asexy April? Yeah.]

“What are you reading?”

“19th century criticism of what was then considered new mathematics.”

“The spine says it’s Alice in Wonderland.”

“Same difference.”

“Ha.” A pause. “So I like you. Like a lot.”

One quirk of the eyebrow. “I’m aware. I like you a lot, too.”

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ASEXY APRIL is a month-long, panfandom challenge for creating and sharing fanworks celebrating asexual, grey-A, demisexual, and aromantic characters and the relationships they share!

We’re looking for fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes, meta, and any other kind of creative work that highlights, celebrates, and/or discusses any part of the asexuality spectrum. Submissions can be submitted directly to the blog, or posted on your own blog and tagged #asexy april. Works on Archive Of Our Own can be submitted to the Asexy April collection there, but we ask that you submit to the Tumblr blog as well.

Submissions are OPEN now, but posting will not begin until APRIL 1.

We look forward to seeing your work!

ME2 - Small Talk

replied to your



Something felt off about the commander. Normally impassive, she toyed with her empty shot glass, brow furrowed as she watched the reflections of Illium’s neon lights.

Miranda knew she would refocus on the mission the second her contact arrived, but it itched at her. It was better to address problems directly. “Is something wrong, Commander?”

Shepard turned her gaze to the biotic. “Would you go out with someone you barely know?”

Miranda allowed herself a slight smirk. “That’s generally the point of going out with them. What brought this on?”

“Asari I met briefly on Feros, ran into her yesterday.” Shepard scratched her nose, frowning harder. “Apparently tried to flirt with me.”

“Apparently?” Miranda repeated.

“Krios and Garrus pointed it out.”

“Ah.” She bit back a smile. “Are you considering accepting her offer?”

Shepard shook her head. “No connection there. Just confused me.”

“Well, you are rather attractive, Commander,” Miranda pointed out, tone sly. “And of course there’s the pull of strength and status.”

Humor flashed through her green eyes. “Not what I meant. Never understood fraternizing happening without a prior connection.”

She leaned back, smiling openly now. “You sound like you’re reading from a military manual.”

“Was born and raised Alliance,” Shepard reminded with a brief smirk.

“Which explains much about you.”

A moment passed and her smirk widened. “Walked into that one.”

Miranda chuckled. “That you did. So you’ve never ‘fraternized’?”

“Not without a prior connection,” Shepard answered, warmth coloring her rough voice. “You?”

“Not for a while,” she said, sobering slightly. “It complicates things.”

Shepard hummed in agreement, then set her glass aside with a slight head-shake. “Relationships are weird.”

Miranda nodded ruefully. “That they are, Shepard.”