aseriousbibliophile said:

Doctor you say you know a lot of secrets that people should never know. So does that mean you know the secret recipe to Kentucky Fried Chicken?


No, even I don’t know the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe, I’m afraid… And believe me, I’ve tried to find it out.

aseriousbibliophile said:

Okay, I know we can send you comics but I have a question: First, where is the info so we can ship them to you? Second, do you need to know what we will be shipping you just in-case you don't need them? I ask because I bet the last thing you need is to be given copies of the same comic over and over again and be a dump for comics no one else wants. <-Bottom of the page

And you do not need to e-mail me first about it first. If I have duplicates, I have duplicates. I’ll live.

aseriousbibliophile said:

Hey doc, I've been wanting to ask you something, but I've been having a problem. See, after I wrote out what I wanted to ask, I went to the site and tried to use the submission form you placed there. It didn't work as it said I needed cookies enabled, which is fine. Thing is, my cookies are enabled. So just in case I deleted my cookies and all that but it still doesn't work. Do you have an alternative way to contact you? Thanks.

Ok, so I’m not a tech guy; the best suggestion I have is “maybe another browser”? 

As a general rule, the contact form is the best way to reach me; it helps make sure that questions etc. don’t get lost in the email shuffle. If that doesn’t work, however, I can also be reached at

I should note (referring to general audience, not you aseriousbibliophile) that messaging me over the Facebook page or through Tumblr asks aren’t the best place to send questions for Ask Dr. NerdLove. It makes it harder for me to keep track of who asked what when I have to scroll through three separate accounts to find that one question…