"Everyday Feels Like Sunday"

He stands out in the dark, on the fire escape
The yearning for a cigarette is nipping at his nape
He’s not sure what is wrong, but something isn’t right
It’s just feels like how it always feels every Sunday night.

Tomorrow is always looming, and tomorrow will have brought
Everything he’s been avoiding, to pay for the guilt that he has wrought
The air hangs so heavy; dead and dismal around his head
Sunday can never be enjoyed because tomorrow you’ll be dead.

The emptiness fills his lungs, as he inhales deep
He’s not sure if he should stay awake, or try to get some sleep.
Everyday might feel like Sunday, but he just has to pretend
That tomorrow will be better, and someday Sunday will end.

(Starring the Timetraveler Ki!  Grab his new LP Lawnmower Man” here!)

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Patience does not mean to passively endure. It means to be far sighted enough to trust the end result of a process. What does patience mean? It means to look at the thorn and see the rose, to look at the night and see the dawn. Impatience means to be shortsighted as to not able to see the outcome. The lovers of God never runs out of patience, for they know that time is needed for the crescent moon to become full.

so, i’ve become desperate enough to create yet another boost post, considering the other one went nowhere. but only this time, i’m calling out for the kids that all have the same interest as me : writing. not faceclaims but writing. and so, here’s the deal. if you are into plotting or just plain interaction, please reblog this. if you are open to any kind of roleplayer, please reblog this. you’ll gain a friend, not a follower. i hope this post helps others also and not just me!

Craigslist Ads That Attract Certain Men

It’s about that time again. Make sure you ladies bookmark this. I have been getting emails lately about the perfect Craigslist Ads or they can’t find the link to the previous one.

In order to create the perfect ad to find a sugar daddy, you need a headline that’s going to catch their attention just like any other site, right?

Also, you need the perfect wording. Here are some examples:

1. Sophisticated Vixen- (Insert City Here)

People have described me as a Young Face with an Old Soul”. I am witty, intelligent, and I have a fabulous, elegant sense of style! I am what you call a, “Mysterious Temptation.” I’ll look into your eyes and tell you something sweet and sexy while you are indulging on a glass of Merlot. I am seductive. Delicious. Three words that BEST describe me: Sweet, seductive and sassy.

I like traveling, dining and going to exclusive VIP lounges. I can hold a conversation and serve you well as a companion on business trips.

I know you have been craving something so sweet and petite. I can just imagine you dressed up in a suit and tie and we are off to a fabulous restaurant. Let’s take an adventure to place so succulent and deserving. I would like to be spoiled. Can you handle what I am seeking?

2. It’s Just Dinner- (Insert City Here)

Not only I enjoy life but I am well spoken and well dressed. People describe me as easy going and happy. I am naturally loving and naturally sensual, but only with the right person. I enjoy travelling, fine dining, and nice champagne. 

I like an educated, sophisticated, kind, friendly gentleman.

3. Needle In The Haystack (Insert City Here)

Have you ever met someone before and the conversation was so good that it left you in “Awe” but you are still searching? 

I am the type of woman you would like to be around. I carry myself very well in any type of situation. I can go from blue jeans and a nice shirt to a little black dress and heels. 

Its time for new experiences and adventures.

4. Sassy Yet Classy (Insert City Here)

Cute baby face, dress nicely, educated and love to live life and laugh. I am a great girl to be around. Please, no drama. Let’s have fun! Are you up for a little adventure? If you are interested, please put your age in the subject line. 
Tell me something unique about yourself. I am super down to earth and ready to have a blast. 

5. Are You A Gentleman? (Insert City Here)

Are you interested in trying new and different cuisines with a lovely, young lady? Not only I enjoy distinguished company, but I love to laugh, smile and flirt. So let me enhance you with my curves, elegance, and intelligence over dinner and drinks. Age is only a number. ;) 

I would love to be spoiled.

6. Exquisite Taste (Insert City Here)

I am seeking a professional gentleman who would like to take and the time and spoil this lovely lady. I enjoy stimulating conversations along with excellent company with a fine glass of wine. 

7. Dinner With A Beautiful Woman (Insert City Here)

Seeking a fun, intelligent, witty yet classy gentleman with a lovely sense of humor and sense of style who enjoy great conversation with a younger lady like myself. I’m a full time college student who also likes to enjoy life. My goal is to find an older gentleman who would be willing to help with my college tuition. Is that you? If so, please email me. I would like to go out to dinner and discuss.

8. International Eye Candy- (Insert City Here)

Would you like to get out and meet someone new? Not only I am sexy, but I am intelligent and can definitely hold a conversation. Three words that BEST describe me: Beautiful, Adorable and Sweet. I am a lady who has taste.

9. Never Kiss And Tell (Insert City Here)

I am looking for a gentleman between the ages of 40-75 for a mutual beneficial arrangement.
A little bit about myself, I am nice, have a bubbly personality, not to mention, I am a spicy, sassy, sweet, sexy petite mixed creature.
I would like to be taken care of. Does it sound like you? If so, please email me.

10. Renaissance Man (Insert City Here)

Hola, hello, Bonjour and Ciao! I’m excited to meet you wherever you are. I am seeking a man who is intelligent, cosmopolitan, respectful, vivacious, and knowledgeable. I am looking for someone who is successful, but doesn’t take life too seriously. Intelligence and class is a must. 

I enjoy dancing, writing, reading, the arts, astrology, movies, sports, shopping, sweet wine, and dining. I have an enthusiastic attitude and I love trying something new. 

I’ve been fortunate to be blessed with great family, friends and opportunities that expand my horizons. I ‘m very appreciative and also have a positive outlook on life. 

I would like to be spoiled.

Here is a bonus ad: 

Sophisticated Siren Seeks Connoisseur Of Pleasure (Insert City Here)

Over the years I have matured into a confident, creative, passionate, classy and loyal woman who is desirous of receiving and capable of giving the best of which this life has to offer. I have been told by many that I radiate sensuality. 

What I propose is that the joining of two such individuals possessing the abilities to bring out the best in one another will create an opportunity for a mutually satisfying and extraordinary friendship. Please bring financial means and desire. I will supply all else.

I am looking for the type of arrangement in which we exchange what we have to offer the other in a quality and quantity which represents our appreciation for one another.

Please note that you can always reword them to your liking. Also, when it comes to meeting, safety is definitely the key. Common sense is key. Use your head and good luck posting.