Mike McCormick (photo), Dracula scenic designs after Edward Gorey (dir. by Gregory Boyd); Act I, Act II & Act III, Alley Theatre, Houston, Texas, 2014.

When you first enter the EXO fandom:

“Wait how many are there? How am I going to remember who’s who?”
“I’m not going to remember ALL of their names!”
“Oh he’s cute- wait he left the band!..- that one did too! Wait- what! That’s not fair!“
“Wait, that’s not their REAL names?”

Where you’re in too deep in the fandom:

“That’s Chen’s left nostril.”
“Aw that’s Suho’s right ankle.”
“Oh Tao, my tiny son, you do me proud.”
“Remember the days when I had no idea wow lol, what was I thinking.”
“That’s Lay’s eyebrow.”