history meme. ten moments: the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton at Weehawken, New Jersey.
On the morning of July 11, 1804, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were rowed across the Hudson River in separate boats to a secluded spot near Weehawken, New Jersey. There, in accord with the customs of the code duello, they exchanged pistol shots at ten paces. Hamilton was struck on his right side and died the following day. Though unhurt, Burr found that his reputation suffered an equally fatal wound. In this, the most famous duel in American history, both participants were casualties. […] they managed to make a dramatic final statement about the time of their time. Honor mattered because character mattered. And character mattered because the fate of the American experiment with republican government still required virtuous leaders to survive. Eventually, the United States might develop into a nation of laws and established institutions capable of surviving corrupt or incompetent public officials. But it was not there yet. It still required honorable and virtuous leaders to endure. Both Burr and Hamilton came to the interview because they wished to be regarded as part of such company. (The Founding Brothers, Joseph J. Ellis)

Just another quick update. As a lot of you may know yesterday I handed in my final 2 folios and what a feeling that was! Thank you all so much for your lovely words of encouragement! I’m very grateful to have such supporting followers.

Here is my final photoshopped plan & 3D views of my jewellery boutique (if you’re curious to see the project brief check out my previous post about it under #personal).

The most difficult part of photoshopping I found was creating reflections (because my ceilings are high gloss finishes) but thanks to youtube I learnt enough to get by. Would love to hear your feedback, positive criticism accepted. - DFL