From unrealitytv:

If we listened to all the One Direction detractors, we would totally buy the reports that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are at loggerheads and sometimes it’s easy to believe, because the boys don’t interact much on stage.

Over the course of this most recent One Direction tour, we have been inundated with cute Niam moments, Narry dances, Ziam fun but very little Larry interactions….until this week that is.

We were delighted when one very kind fan shared this clip of the boys on stage in Chicago earlier this week. Have a watch of Harry dancing up to his old pal and tell us, does this look like a pair of men who hate each other?

It’s been reported that Louis and Zayn Malik are furious with Harry currently, because of his pious and holier than thou reaction to their Peru marijuana video, which was leaked in June of this year.

Some sources say the band aren’t travelling together much and that Zouis are refusing to spend time to Styles, others have claimed that the group are all staying in separate hotels because of the friction.

However, one watch of this clip and we don’t want to believe it at all. There’s still a BFF friendship there surely?

One Direction are heading home this week, at least most of them are, as they enjoy a ten day break in their tour schedule.

It’s been reported that Tommo is already back in England and will soon start preparing for his charity football match in Glasgow this week. Harry hasn’t been spotted since yesterday, though some sources have said that he has headed to his second home of LA, to hang out with a few of his famous mates before returning to the tour later in September.

Have a watch of Harry’s cute dance and Louis’ reaction and tell us what you think below…

And then the vine of this gif:

Just throwing it out there.