In which Suga is eager to spread more than his love, Iwaizumi doesn’t know whether to be angry or excited, Hinata wants Kageyama to engage in some questionable activities, and everyone’s fingers are too worn out from playing volleyball to text properly. 

This is what happens when you text and spike. 

Most of these are based on autocorrect fails that already exist on various websites, but it’s kinda hard to give credit when they all come from different places and I didn’t take any verbatim. You might recognize some! 


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Stydia - The Fault in Our Stars

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The Other Woman - Teen Wolf Style

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  • gets called on in class:it could work
  • gets in car:it could work
  • mom asks what I want for dinner:it could work
  • gets asked what I want to be when I grow up:it could work
  • gets asked to marry someone:it could work
  • my religion:it could work
  • who im voting for:it could work