let’s review:

-Harry and Louis posted their videos practically at the same time

-We don’t have actual dates on when the videos were filmed, but they were filmed in two different locations (part of the H/L MIA pattern—release photos and or videos periodically to throw people off as to where they actually are)

-There are two people dumping the water on Louis in his video.  Who was filming???

Additional fun moment:

Louis nominates Prince HARRY

anonymous said:

I haven't been in the fandom long, so what is the MIA pattern for Louis and Harry? Thanks!

You know how during WWII Operation Fortitude was developed to keep the Nazis from finding out about Operation Overlord?  H/L’s MIA pattern is like that.

When H/L go MIA it’s obviously noticeable to the fandom.  For that reason, a few patterns have emerged that are definitely diversion tactics to keep people from looking in the right place

-We get an increase in visibility from the other three (usually staggered to cover more than a few days—so an example would be a Niall picture on one day, LiamORsophiam outing on another day, some article with photos about Zerrie on yet another day).  This keeps people focused on the other three instead of the noticeably absent ones.

-We get tweets, instagrams, and sometimes even “fan accounts” of H and L being spotted in certain places (not the same one, obviously) periodically , and none of these posts are ever actually given a time or date.

-Then MIA time ends when H/L finally appear in the same place…but they never arrive together, and they never arrive at the same time either.

that’s the three parts of the pattern I’ve always noticed.  If anyone would like to add on to this, feel free.

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If just one of them came out, I think the other would be pretty much outed too—at least to the fans. People have eyes, and, contrarily to the popular belief, 2+2=4. Anyone in the fandom with basic common sense would immediately link them back to each other, and that would be it for the fans. Some people could still think they were together years ago and that they broke up at some point, but no one could be able to deny that there /was/ something between them.
At the same time, though, one would still be formally closeted, especially to the people outside the inner circle of the fandom, so their relationship would still be closeted as well. What’s the sense in that?
Either way, there is no point in coming out separately.