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COME BACKKKKK I NEED THEM!! I WILL HUNT YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH FOR THOSE DRAWINGS AND IDEAS! (also it cannot possibly be any more embarrassing than the ideas katie and i have come up with)

I dunno


       “the drink of gona. — your people have a peculiar name
        for it. it is what our warriors drink to gain strength before
        every battle. i am not familiar with this 'ais krem' you
        speak of.”

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Dark, inquisitive orbs widen at the commander’s
admittance, jaw hanging slightly agape as plush
lips part in something close to shock. Of course
she’d never tried it.    

    ❝Well today’s your lucky day.❞ The mechanic
     declares, holding out the ice cream for her,
     excitement creeping across petite features. 


[ I had wanted to celebrate Clear’s birthday no matter what, so I had suggested, “How about we make the day you and your grandpa met for first the time, your birthday?”.
And of course, Clear had remembered the date of that day without fail.
That date was today.
20th February. ] x

Happy birthday, Clear!♡


Sousa finally got up the nerve to ask Peggy out on a date…

BUTTERS:  We’ve talked about the smile that comes across her face afterwards. It’s her realizing that maybe there is something there.
FAZEKAS:  […] That’s maybe the first time she’s considering, “Maybe I can have this other side of my life now.” (x)


Doctor Who Rewatch
The End of the World" + "All right. As my mate Shareen says, don’t argue with the designated driver. Can’t exactly call for a taxi. There’s no signal. We’re out of range. Just a bit."