Wow. Here we are again, another follow forever. I’m just ….I say this every follow forever, and I shall continue. But I would have never thought I’d reach this amount and on a muse such as Luppi, and I usually lose interest in a muse way before I get to this point, but no. I’ve been here for about six months and it has been so much fun! I took Luppi up as a muse because I wanted to try a muse with a personality that I’ve never done before, I didn’t expect to really keep him, never mind getting this far with him. And I just. Thank you so much everyone! ;A;

Precious babies:

r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a organdoom teme-kun imaginerds berrykurosaki busui keikakudori aquadruple
kazetaichou azur—panthere xntegra mxntis blloodorgy nofxce nonexistentia iubitor c-h-i-t-a-n
irukas orihxme kyoki-no-keshin fractumnexus sadistaidd unchainably jasutisu hushedillusion chuushin

Cutie bananas:

emperxor trespada ulcxscens uozx inmundo-veneroso oni-analyst puppxteer precipice-flxwer
pantxra arisaxa saexva dxsmemberment fukutsuno hybridhero vanorey jugulatorz karenouma
leblosdaten zxmbii xfornicaras cagedprxncess venxnum bestiaxaethereum nihilismos cuarrto
mockxngbird mxnoly bakasuke-prince malevolentias kuchxkx-byxkuyx hxnamori hiroikku
juushxrou anivara sawakool ivermilionn enlxght dxsgusting lichtprinz sinful-grin unxhana
laimargia kiraahachi cambixn chisanabushi snxggletooth patereius h-e-i-k-a candysensei
n-o-x-c-r-i-s-t-a-u-x entxn ekragei superkyuubantaibee deprendosa bi-no-shi last-crown-of-lucis
occidetetserpens caedxs caeruleus-excidium sextarex saexva bondofhatred ichxgo edhelernil
swallowing-snake grimmjxw nightingale-threnody praktikos-emporo tearful-cadenza shunkoprincess chevalierxnoir 

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