did u have fun under 5 months? u missed me? nope? alright?;’) coz im back now.

hey thanks for staying wiw me and stuff and sorry if i ignored u or something… it’s just… so many things are happened. for example i had a job haha… and college… so hard to stay in there… i had 2 warnings already (the second one was a present coz basically i have to been kicked out after the first one), i broke my computer - and i didnt use photoshop for 5 months… i’ve been stolen with £200 and 2 phones… but i still spend around £5000 just for myself… i own a furryhat now:3 (even two but i gave to my cousin)… i lost one of my best friend. i got a last opportunity to stay at home… i burned myself 3 times really bad… i almost died on new year’s eve… ect and last but not least… i saw mars in alive - i have been twice - 26.08.11. + 12.11.11. asdfagkljfasgf. i really missed to be here