fucking hell.. im shaking. i went out to asda to pick up a couple things before it closed for the night. i was in male clothes, baggy jeans, a green coat. but thought i’d wear my headband out for the first time as a sort of first baby step and i felt ok.

as i was walking back i heard this shouting behind me so i took out a headphone, then the shouting worried me. i turned around and there were these 2 guys and one of them said “yeah you ya fag” i shouted back “shut up you fucking stupid cunts” and picked up my walking pace and did not look behind me again.

when i got in i pretty much broke down there and then infront of my mum, so i had to tell her. she was as wonderful and supportive as i expected. but it doesnt change i went out in a headband. a fucking headband. and got this abuse and i really dont know if i’ll ever be able to express myself how i’d like to now. a huge eye opener