i frequently see posts that are like: “that (insert specific mental illness/disorder) feel when”

and there are like three other disorders that can have the same exact symptom it lists

and they always makes me feel weird

Great way to help over-stimulated people like people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder De-sensitize and relive anxiety. Wanna feel better? Do this! Wilbarger Brushing Protocol (OT Brushing & Joint Compressions)

Davis gets his “Brushies and Squishies.” Also known as Wilbarger Brushing Protocol

Amy Law 5 days ago


thank you so much for the video. my daughter has been scratching herself to bleed for 2.5 years, and she’s not even 4 yet. she’s not diagnosed with spd yet, but i want to know more about this treatment. so by every 90 mins, do you mean every 90mins even at night time? or just during the day

*I take a nap everyday and I do my “brushies” once before I take my nap and once before I go to bead and that really helps me.

Tara M 8 months ago


I’m 23, Autistic, and I love this brush to calm me down when I get anxious! I also use it right before bed. I either ‘brush’ myself or my boyfriend will ‘brush’ me. It does sound strange to others when they hear I “brush myself” but it does wonders. After I use it at bedtime I then tuck my entire body up like a burrito with my homemade weighted blanket. I honestly wouldn’t change having Aspergers. It’s allowed me to have a lot more understanding and compassion for others and I enjoy being different even though it was difficult getting through school. Your son is blessed having you to help him so much. My parents were in denial of my diagnosis; they never helped me. I had to teach myself everything. Socializing and coping with the rest of the world, especially people my age, was the hardest to accomplish. I wish you, your son, and the rest of your family the best of luck. You already look like you’re doing wonderfully!

Browser Extensions for Autism (also useful for ADHD/Dyslexia etc)


Text Mode -Good for those who are visually sensitive. loads pages in black and white/all text/obscures images. It’s also helpful for those who use screen readers. (Thanks to

FlashControl -Stops Flash animations running by themselves. (Thanks to

BeeLine Reader -Uses a colour gradient that guides your eyes for those with difficulty reading monocolour text. (Thanks to

Hacker Vision -Makes backgrounds black and text white to reduce the level of light your eyes are exposed to.

nyt_mod -Dims your browser screen-5 customisable levels (thanks to


F.lux/G.lux -makes the colour of your computer’s display change according to time of day (warm at night and bright during the day). Cuts down on harsh contrast. (Thanks to kelpforestdweller and anon)

Readability -Ensures every webpage is in a clear readable view with the option of disabling the page’s background noise and clutter. Great for the inattentive.

Hide GIFs -Turn on to hide any gifs from displaying.

Firefox: (Massive thanks to for all these)

Image Block - Turn off all images on a webpage by clicking the button in the upper right section of the browser window.

Flashblock - Block all flash animations. (note that java must be enabled for this to work.)

Easy Read - Links, instead of being different colors, are now the same font/color as the rest of the text.

No Color - Disable background colors or images on websites.

Black background and white text - Self-explanatory. Can reduce eye strain or help those with sensitive vision.

Screen Dimmer - Dim the browser screen to reduce eye strain

Prohibirle algo a un joven es la forma más fácil de convertirlo en algo épico y digno de lucha.
—  Mi papá (Ni idea si parafrasea a alguien)

Autistic Hermione thinking she’s being friendly when communicating with the boys at first and not realising how abrasively she comes across

Autistic Hermione reading all of her textbooks again and again because the whole study of magical arts is a special interest to her

Autistic Hermione feeling that she has something to prove, that autistic girls can do well in school, can succeed, can be witches and so overloads herself with classes

Autistic Hermione being very picky about the pronunciation of spells because in her therapy sessions they obsessed over her tone and inflection

Autistic Hermione  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧