The Ascent

Hill climbing is best done in the dark,
When you can’t see the distances,
And the only thing you can feel,
Is what is there in your hands,
The steepness of the path is hidden,
You move inside a small mystery,
The summit and your goal,
May be thousands of miles away,
Or almost close enough to touch,
You can tell yourself that you’re near,
As it gets harder and harder,
Stretching your stamina to the limit,
Because you can’t see where you are,
You drive onwards because you must,
Close enough to taste isn’t close enough,
No matter how hard it gets you continue,
Knowing that when you finally do,
At last come out on top,
The relief is delicious but temporary,
More hills are waiting

After a short rest you’ll climb again

in English class we were tasked with writing a poem with our non dominant hands:

Like a small flame, I

steady myself, bravely

dragging my body towards the

oxygen that awaits,

an ascent that will last

a lifetime. Furiously, I

slip from the reach of

the wax that is staining

the cotton wick I cling

to, but as I grasp it, it 

burns. I cannot be angry

anymore. I have turned

to ash my last resource, no

where is left to

turn to. I try not to let go,

I try not

to, letting go means

death, disappearing,

nothing but a stale stream

of smoke announcing I was ever

there at all. I can’t go

yet, I’ve only just made

my debut. Somewhere

in my dreams I croon

poetry and prose, 

bleed ink and wipe my skin clean

with paper. But back on the surface

my left hand whispers

across the paper, timidly

explaining that I have burned

my right on the thoughts

of others, and now

I must use what is left

to keep balance.


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"I have a little Beyoncé story. I worked on her video for the Austin Powers movies back whenever that was. It was just at the beginning of her ascent into the stratosphere of fame. I had met her before with DC with Ru at the Divas performance and found her to be lovely. This time however was different… She was of course charming and engaging… But as I was looking at her I had the palpable and visceral realization of this is what a star is…. She radiates power.
So we were in the dressing room, just her and I doing getting ready chit chat and I casually said … Look at how this is all happening for you, when do get a break? She said I haven’t had a day off in over a year, I get a couple of days off next week. And the her eyes welled with tears and she went on… I am so tired, but I am so blessed, I have this window of opportunity and I have to work it, I want this. She took a deep breath and shook off the moment and we continued on…. But in that moment my respect was solidified and I felt blessed that she felt safe enough with me for a moment of vulnerability. 
I don’t particularly want to hear about wether you love or loathe Beyoncé. This is just a little snippet of an inside view of a remarkable woman. Enjoy”

Mathu Anderson on Beyoncé (x)