I want to smoke your smile and soak up your soul with my lungs
Fill me and lift me up
Show me other worlds among the stars
Take me anywhere in galaxies far away
We’ll meet by the river
Marvel at the bloodstream of the universe
We’ll dive in and down under we’ll stay
Oceans of bleach will wash up what once was
The soil on which the foundations rest will be radioactive
Empty the apocalypse from our lungs
Fill it with star dust

It’s a brave new world

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Your body is changing. Your mind is changing. Your emotions are changing. You are changing, because you have elected during this lifetime to experience rapid cellular and spiritual growth. You have chosen to transition your being from dense, heavy molecules to higher, finer and lighter multi-dimensional Crystalline energy.

As you go through this ‘ascension’ process, a journey takes place. You feel urged to rid yourself of all that weighs you down: physically, mentally, emotionally. You must, quite literally, ‘become the Light’.

You will be peeling away many layers of artificiality, false constructs, pretences, masks and veils that have lain over your True Self. You will want to reveal who you really are, and express this Truth to the world. It will become ever and increasingly urgent and pressing to Live As Light, to only live authentically, from the very depths of your heart.

As more and more Light is given to you to be absorbed through the energy bodies and chakra system, you will ‘awaken’ to your Calling, or True Divine Mission on Earth.
You will not be able to resist this Calling, and everything that goes with it. The Light is irresistible, because it forms the Web that surrounds the entire planet and connects us to Universal Love.

You must step forward, without fear or regret. You must listen to what Spirit is showing you now as the Highest Way, the Purest Way, the Way that is Love. You have a different path to the one that you may have imagined, long ago. It is all turning out differently. This is normal, and quite as it must be.

You are not who you thought you were. You are a Light Bringer, a Beloved Carrier of alchemical energies that are perfectly coded to bring about a radical transformation upon this planet.

You are here to tip the balance from Fear to Love. You are here to spread Love, and do it with every fibre of your being. There is nothing else that is now possible.

Your New Life is Calling, and today you will experience a significant shift towards embracing everything that resonates with the Sacred Truth inside you.

~excerpt by Sophie Bashford

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