This is it — the first entry in the Mass Effect Minor Character contest!  We thought we’d start out with something easy.  

Remember —

  • The first correct answer scores one point.
  • The answer MUST be given in the answer box below.  We do NOT accept submissions via reblog or inbox.
  • The answer MUST be spelled correctly, the first time.  Corrections are not accepted.
  • See this post for full contest explanation and rules.
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We are looking for the first and last name of this character.  So tell me, Shepards, who is this Asari?

*edit* Congrats SMILESLIKEPARENTHESES on being the first to answer correctly!  You get the first point! :D

Liara would totally be a really enthusiastic archaeologist. And she would probably be totally star struck when Shepard would show up and rescue her from a bunch of outlaws.

As much as I am all about Shakarian I think Liara and fem!Shep are so damn cute. (It just doesn’t really work with Olivia’s personality so yeah personal headcanons about my Sheparoonie).