Asari headcanons

•the asari just being so utterly baffled by the notion of biological children. as asari young were, until the rise of grounded asari and those out in space, created from vast clouds of released eggs and sperm into the water, the very idea of biological children is just utterly beyond their ken. after all, asari children float on the currents in plankton form for years, until they stumble from the surf as tiny, wailing babies, at which point they are picked up by caretakers who watch the beaches for this purpose, and are adopted out
•all asari having placoid scales, like sharks, which reduce drag and make swimming quieter
•jellyfish subspecies asari having no bones, like octopi, and, once clothes are removed, being able to squeeze through the smallest of crevices
•asari digest food like the giant squid, with their brain (the esophagus carries food through to the brain, which pulls nutrients directly from the food before it reaches the stomach)
•predator subspecies asari having about 100,000 taste buds, like catfish, as opposed to humans, who have somewhere between 2,000 and 8,000, to help locate prey
•sleep with their eyes fully open
•have teeth located in their stomachs
•have three hearts
•have multiple sets of nostrils, none of which lead into the back of the mouth like mammals are therefore not for breathing, but for smelling

warm up sketch of my OC asari, Jiiraux D’Ali, who u guys saw some months ago. she was supposed to b fat not chubby but i didn’t know shit on that structure so an advance fig class later i think i got it!! tweaked her design so ppl dont keep calling her aria too OTL

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