Is it insane to think that, on Korra Alone, Korra tries to come back to search for Asami’s help? I mean, Asami offered to help her and they trained together before.

After losing the fight against the firebenders, I guess Korra could be feeling that, more than a healer, she needed a friend to train with her. Soon after the fight, she writes to Asami and says she couldn’t write to anyone else, because she feels that just her can understand.

After that, Korra asks her parents to let her go back to Republic City. Note how she smiles when she says her friends would be there (Gif 07), but she couldn’t write to Bolin or Mako and, just before, she writes to Asami. I guess it’s not lots crazy to think that she though about Asami before she thought about Bolin or Mako at that moment.

Of course, she doesn’t make it, because she faces herself (representing her fears) when she is reaching the city. 

Am I being crazy? 


Stop fishing for compliments Asami you know you look good in everything.

More Korrasami engagement fluff because they’re 100% confirmed canon and I still can’t believe it alsdkfjasdf *flies off into the sunset*

Also, korrasamiweddingday will be a celebratory day some time in early January (probably) for people to create fanworks about these two and their eventual wedding! If you’re interested in being a mod and helping organise things, make sure you get your application in by the 27th :)