Welcome to Night Vale: The September Monologues

Wait so is Carlos a secret operative or not

Warning: eye strain (bright colors), eye contact/scopophobia, family conflict, wtnv spoilers
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You can’t separate a character from his or her reasons. Yes, Cecil was, is, and will probably always be a jerk. We’ve known this since the Telly incident. But it’s particularly telling where Steve Carlsberg is concerned.

He’s /human/ though. Have there not been times where, like Cecil with Telly, you’ve been a downright ass over something that’s not really all that terrible? And would you not, like in the situation with Steve, downright detest the man marrying your sister and becoming stepfather to your niece if you thought there was even a slight chance of that man’s idiosyncrasies bringing harm to your loved ones?

As lovely and sweet as Steve is, he’s incredibly naive in a lot of ways. /You can’t just speak about unspeakable and unknowable things./ By doing so, he does, inadvertently, bring the possibility of harm to his wife and stepchild.

And so Cecil hates him. And it /makes sense./ People are not always kind and good to the kind and good, /especially/ if they have as much reason to dislike them as Cecil does for Steve.

Drink To Forget

99 bottles of wine on the wall,99 bottles of wine-
Take one down,
Hope Carlos comes home,
98 bottles of wine on the wall.

98 bottles of wine on the wall,
98 bottles of wine-
Take one down
Scream into the void,
97 bottles of wine on the wall.

97 bottles of whine on the wall,
97 bottles of wine-
Take one down,
Cry ‘til you drown,
96 bottles of wine on the wall.

96 bottles of wine on the wall,
96 bottles of wine-
Take one down,
He still hasn’t called,
95 bottles of wine on the wall.

95 bottlea of wine on thr wall,
95 bottlesa of wune-
Takw one down,
Down all th e pain
i don’t remnember the nujmber i’m on

-Cecil, probably.

I think we learned a lot about not only Steve's background, but Cecil's as well.

It has been made very clear to us in the past two years that Cecil is not naive. Yes, at times, he borders on naivety, but I think it’s important to realize that Cecil is far from innocent. I don’t believe that you can grow up in a town like Night Vale and be innocent. So Cecil is very well aware of just what goes on outside of Night Vale, as Steve is, but he is also well aware of what goes on in Night Vale. He has seen just what happens to someone when you get too curious, or you know too much. He knows, because he’s seen it, he’s experienced it. Remember when he got called in for re-education in year one, in “History Week”? Why was that? Because he knew too much (about the Night Vale Elder Council). The very first day Carlos arrived in town, Cecil expressed fear for him and his team of scientists, because they were there for the sole purpose of getting to the bottom of the happenings in Night Vale. Cecil knows. 

So when Steve began going off about his theories and the books he’s read and the things he knows the day he met Cecil at his wedding, of course Cecil reacted the way he did. Because I believe he wanted to protect not only his sister and Janice, but Steve as well. 

Cecil knows he holds some degree of power in Night Vale. People listen to what he says, when he speaks. That’s why he is so fervent that angels aren’t real, despite the fact that he as seen them with his own eyes. Because he’s protecting his listeners by telling them what to do, what to see, and what to believe. So, by branding Steve a jerk? He made people believe that Steve is a jerk, and thus, by doing so, he ensured that no one else in Night Vale would listen to Steve, because no one else would like Steve, either. Because he knows that if people listen to Steve, eventually, something will happen to him, and maybe even his sister and Janice, too. 

Cecil was trying to protect Steve Carlsberg. And he’s still doing it today. 

THIS is A+ writing and character development. 

On mobile, so no cuts, but WTNV spoilers below!

There is so much I love about this new episode, but the thing my brain can’t let go of is that we got CANON ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of Cecil’s character development!

That sounds so obvious, I know! But Cecil functions as not only our main character, but also our storyteller. So, it’s sometimes difficult to point to specific events and say with confidence they are meant as character development, and not just the narrative of the show.

Like, we’ve all commented on how DIFFERENT Cecil sounds in the early episodes when compared to the newer ones. Bit I think a lot of us sorta wrote it off as just the show itself finding its footing, and hesitated to attribute it to character progression. (Or maybe that was just me?)

But no! Cecil HAS changed. *Softened* Found things to do outside of the studio, apparently! I’m just… ahh! So DELIGHTED. It isn’t just in our heads!

I mean, maybe it did come from the natural development of the podcast finding it’s voice (of Joseph and Jeffrey and Cecil finding, well, The Voice of Night Vale), but it is also now the development of Cecil’s *character* and that makes me so happy!