anonymous said:

You guys are so much better at handling things. I'm a bit envious. -asahina

We both agree that you have it way worse than the two of us: you’re getting tons of angry, mean bigots attempting to yell at you instead of listen and we haven’t had such a problem yet!  You deserve the envy for being so brave in the face of such rude adversary!

The fact that people think it’s okay to harass social justice blogs because we challenge the ideals that society enforces in us is really, really, aggravating.


People expect us to educate, but when we do try to educate and provide sources, they try to say that our statements are invalid. THEN THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ASK WHY WE ARE SO IRRITATED WITH THEM.

It’s a normal response to get angry with someone who will not listen no matter how civil you are or try to be. It’s normal to get angry when some person who doesn’t know you, tries to invalidate your experiences.

If we say something offensive and we get called out on it we learn from it, but when anti-sjw’s get called out by us it’s us being oversensitive or a/an (insert  slur here) that just complains on the internet.

People tell us that we should be nice to everyone, but why the hell would we be nice to people that thinks we are lesser than they are?

We do not exist because we want to guilt trip people, or to give ourselves pats on the backs; we are here to share our experience and knowledge with you. We are not going to sacrifice our time and our mental health with people who are too stubborn to learn something from us. 

I’m so tired of being expected to be nice to people who say bigoted bullshit. I’m tired of “turning the other cheek” and I’m so tired of people claiming we are bigoted towards the people that oppress us and that the oppressed so be nice to our oppressors because “MLK” or “Ghandi (when he’s problematic as fuck)” did or because “we’re supposed to be better than that.”

We are human. We aren’t going to always be happy and accepting of questions or statements that are riddled with bigotry.

I’m a lot nicer to people asking about oppression on here than my personal blog.


Reason being is because this blog is actually a “social justice” blog and my personal blog is for maxin’ and relaxin’. However, I’m still human, and if you spout out the same arguments I see everyday (and get proven wrong) I’m either going to disregard you, get angry, or direct you to someone who can handle your ignorance.


I’m not going to compromise my mental health for a person who says I’m being racist towards white people or being cisphobic, or heterophobic, or claims I’m a misandrist.

However, call me out if I make mistakes! I’m still learning and I don’t want to offend any of my followers. And I’m not gonna argue with someone who knows about something more than I do.