it all started with grande getting mad when i said i wanted quit rapping, next day on my bday me & cintra got into a horrible accident in the back of a cab. that let me know i was here for a real reason. Next day wyo take me to olde city smoked me up & copped mad crown royal & that night we made ak47. That’s some real shit yo we was outside 5 am he strapped wit a ak on his shoulders i got the 4 pound in the saudi money sweats waitin for our target… This rap shit is real this street shit is real. Im making this post before my phone dies to say thank god for real niggas. Just had a good talk with p millzy & rooski about how niggas abandoned me now that im saudi money. It no diff from Asaad im still me it’s like how you call jay z hov. I thought i would never get a deal, now i got one.When you get there your best friends become enemies, but i will never allow any amount of success or fame destroy me or any of my friendships, but things change. Ppl grow. so from here on new black is no more it’s cold blue records, i wish the team the best but i gotta do me y'all. The money calling i have no time for stalling…white ii will be all visual too comin soon shout out to don c for gettin me the jesus piece i appreciate you for that g. i love my fans i hope y'all reblog this & share your thoughts, because i do care



JUMANJI FLOW produced by ME