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Is it bad I just noticed the bracelets on Asami's wedding outfit makes little noises in the final scene talking with Korra?

I mean look, I’m hesitant to call it “bad,” but I do think it’s a bit disappointing. To me, her bangles clacking was the largest takeaway from the scene, and it really shows how far they’ve come.

Think about…when we first met them in 1x04, they were rattling together happily, even though they were in dangerous proximity to meatball-looking flowers:

But then in 2x11, they were too afraid to assert themselves:

You could clearly see them, and Asami even moved her arm to give them an opportunity to sound out, but it’s clear the trauma they had gone through was too much. They stayed silent.

And I mean: think about it. These bracelets had their entire lives turned on their heads. They went from living in Asami’s mansion and probably being worn somewhat regularly, to having to stay at Air Temple Island and only make an appearance for the rare mover. That’s a major upheaval and it really upsets me to think that there are people who want to underplay this. I get that their pain isn’t “external” so it’s devalued, but as someone who has known many pieces of neglected jewelry, I can safely say it’s not any less real.

But then the show went there…it dared to end on a positive note. The bangles were happily banging together noisily, adding their own symphony to the already lyrical ending:

They were in a good place. And more importantly they were in a selfless place for Asami. Her bracelets knew they wouldn’t be able to go on a Spirit World vacation–they didn’t have any delusions. Yet they had overcome their own hurt enough to not mind, and to clack selflessly.

And I think that growth matters. IMO these bangles had the 3rd best arc in the franchise. It’s not “bad” that you missed it, I mean, it’s understandable. But I wish that one day we’ll be in a place where this kind of development isn’t devalued.