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Attention beauty lovers!!! I have found the closest thing to an exact dupe of Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder (in Mood Light) and it’s only 4 freaking dollars!! It’s STUNNING! You have to have this. I’m serious. It’s from the brand new Bloom Me Up! Essence collection that launched on April 7th. It’s available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and Ulta in the US! Go! Go! Go! @ihaveadupeforthat #makeup #cosmetics #sdm #essence #dupe #hourglass #drugstoreprincess #bloommeup


Here are some new 4K screenshots of Gensokyo. By Touhoucraft.

If you would like to jump on the server and see the everything else, all the info is on here:

Edit: Here are some extra pictures at their full resolution.

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We ran into Hook at Tiger Beach on this past trip. I have not seen her since December of last year. She returned with a huge bullet wound on her. Someone tried to kill her. It looks like a bang stick was used, my guess is a spear fisherman? Or possibly she came up to a boat to steal a fish off their line and they tried to shoot her? The bullet went in on one side and out on the other. She looks like she is going to be ok. But the scar was horrific. She is pregnant right now and will be pupping in the next few months. Made me sad to see my old friend like this. Image by Maritza Martinez

Omg poor hook bby ;n;