The Old Gods are not dead.
It’s simply that they whisper,
And there is too much noise in your world.

Even now the Burning One seeks to tender you a Truth
As ruthless as Raven’s glare,
As awful as Wolf’s howl,
As crucial as Mother’s milk,
And as scarlet stark as heart’s blood spilled.

So he comes to you in dreams,
Sits silently amid the sands of your sleep
And burns.
He simply sits and burns.

He has already graced you with his terrible Truth.
Now He awaits your sacrifice.
You are the sacrifice.

He has broken you on the rocks of your own fantasies.
And scattered your shattered bones all about.
This is a gift.
You are none of these things.

His flaming sword cuts through delusion.
He has shown you the emptiness of thoughts,
The meaninglessness of words,
The futility of seeking completion elsewhere.
Now He awaits your sacrifice.
And He will accept nothing less than Everything.

You have been broken
Not to merely repair
But to let go.

The world is made by mind.
You are every character in your dreams.
The waking self is the same as a dream.
Selves like dreams like loves and lives and laughs and lies come and go,
Come and go. Shattering the dream reveals this as so.

But you are the Space in which all dreams arise.
The Old One’s grace merely opens your eyes.

Submit to Truth.

~The Mystical Lion

standing-in-mid-air asked:


Too bad all my precious valuables are yet even more woopers, have fun burning them >:)

Who can tell you how to burn?
It’s in your nature to ignite -
a spark of wisdom may come from without,
but you alone can tend its life :

Stir the embers of your essence’s smoldering fire
Re-kindle conviction & boldly move through its dictates

Shrink not from facing the fierce flame
But in its transforming power  bravely be embraced

Allow your fears to be consumed
Feed your soul with hope for fuel,

Become a seed of strange burning
As you merge with its purifying unity

And create your bloom within a world
That craves original immortal heat!


(Some conflagrations are but pyres burning ashes of the past ,
Refining elemental substance to inspire anew life’s true blaze…)

Inspired by
&’ s challenge

frankiethejoker asked:

I don't think a terrorist necessarily has a political agenda. Some people really do just want to watch the world burn. I would 100% classify that guy as a terrorist. Those who strike fear into a population of people. I personally suffer from great depressions but would never take out 100+ people with me if I ever did anything really rash. That guy had a plan, I think.

no like literally the definition of a terrorist is someone who uses terrorism for political aims. pick a different word then.


Tentatively, Chanyeol’s trembling fingers made contact with Kyungsoo’s pale skin. “I’m not burning you… you’re not feeling pain.” The tall boy whispered in astonishment and slowly, a faint smile bloomed on his handsome face. 

"Of course not," Kyungsoo answered softly, his gaze focused on the warmth of the other’s touch, "I’m earth and you’re fire. I’ll always remain, even if you burn down the world."


“WHY! HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME!” Chanyeol’s maniacal scream echoed in the empty forest. In the darkness of the night, amber flames tangled ominously with the burning pine trees. Emotionless, Kyungsoo tightened his fists in front of him and the rocks around Chanyeol’s body hardened even more. 

“I am not betraying you, Chanyeol,” He said, suppressing the anger and sadness in his chest from being shown too much through his tone of voice, “I’m saving you from yourself.” 


“Good bye, Park Chanyeol.” 


“Don’t you hate me?” Kyungsoo whispered, his gaze trained on the ground. 

“I only remember your smile,” Chanyeol replied softly and raised his hand to caress the other’s cheek, “and that you will always be here even if I burn down the world.” 

Raising his head, Kyungsoo looked squarely in the other’s eyes before placing his hand over the larger hand on his cheek. 

“Yeah. I will.” 


[Earth and Fire] - one shot coming soon. 

the world was never quite enough for you
you hope of a girl,
poem locked inside a flesh,
your smile tells more riddles
than a sphinx ever could.

in another life,
you were as old and wild as the bones of your world, daughter of mountains,
and you loved everything fiercely, tenderly, wholly. you loved,
and loss becomes you.

you loved,
and your world burned.

your wishbone, like you, heralded nothing but the apocalypse.

hope is not a cure-all,
and blue is the saddest colour of them all.

—  hope is the thing with wings, but i’ve lost the right to mine (s.p)

heroesandantiheroes asked:

I go on your blog and everything hurts? Why? I didn't wake up to be sad?

Well, I could give you the long answer… 

Or, I could just give you the short answer. And that answer would be that Carrie is a very, very bad person who wants to see the entire world burn. No one’s sure what made her this way, no one’s sure how to reverse it, but it’s something we just have to accept her for… you know? :/ 

Meet the tattoo artist who came up with a genius way to help burn victims 

Tattoos aren’t just for artistic expression and decoration, anymore. They’re also helping transform lives.

Basma Hameed is using her tattoo artistry skills and expertise in micropigment implantation to help give new life to burn victims. Patients walk into her clinic with scarring and discoloration and, after a series of treatments, leave with a renewed sense of self.

The titular BURNING SKELETON PRINCESS is next in line to become the incendiary monarch of the peaceful Bone Wastelands when her kingdom is suddenly attacked and overrun by horrifying beings of flesh. To repel the invaders, she must gather esoteric artifacts of power and seek out allies in other kingdoms—such as the young Lady High Necromancer of the Reanimation Nation. Will BURNING SKELETON PRINCESS succeed on their quest? Tune in next week!

i was sitting in chemistry lecture but instead of learning the chem i made up an entire fuckin children’s tv show. don’t be me

This tweet keeps popping into my head today with all the making fun of girls getting upset over Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.