Portrait of Sherlock… I spent an insane amount of time on this! The lighting was extremely difficult to get down, for some reason. Anyway, this is my contribution to Bay Area Sherlock Con, which I will be attending this year as a Guest of Honor! Will be available from the con as a print and as a big vinyl sticker. Hope to see you all there! (August 17th in Santa Clara, CA)


All of the books I’ve bought/received so far this year (alternatively known as, evidence of thebooker’s complete lack of self-control)

story by bravehunters / art by lula-bee

'Would you get hip to this kindly tip?
And go take that California trip,
Get your kicks on Route 66…’

Castiel is little more than twenty-four hours from a potentially life-changing interview at a prestigious California university, and he’s in trouble. Stranded in Texas after a string of unfortunate events, it looks like he’ll need some kind of miracle to make it there on time. Enter Dean, an eighteen-year-old aspiring rock star, en route to Los Angeles in hope of landing a record deal. Surely it’s just a crazy coincidence – right? Neither one believes in destiny, but the chemistry between them is undeniable, and Dean ends up with a hell of a lot more than he bargained for after offering Cas a ride. Together, they embark on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery; it’s one that is dark at times, colourful at others, as the two learn a number of invaluable lessons about life and love along the way.

coming to livejournal and AO3 in october!
Arya Stark meta masterpost

It’s safe to say that Arya Stark is a widely misinterpreted character both inside and outside of the ASOIAF fandom. Outside the fandom we’ve got dudebros who only like Arya for their own wrong misogynist reasons, use her as a reason to bash Sansa, and who reduce her character to a “badass tomboy with a sword”. The ASOIAF fandom go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Until recently it was practically impossible to find a post mentioning Arya that didn’t bash her to praise Sansa or that called her a psychopath, a sociopath, stupid, anti-feminist, etc. Fortunately there are amazing bloggers who defend her, but I still see hate directed at Arya almost every day and a lot of people hardly even realise they are doing so because such claims about her have become accepted into the fandom as canon. So, I decided to create a list of Arya meta that I think is important for a lot of people in the fandom to read for letting go of hateful opinions of Arya that arise out of misinterpretation of her character and flat-out fandom brainwashing.

End Note: This post isn’t to say that Arya has zero flaws. Every character has flaws and makes mistakes. Some people also just aren’t interested in her story, that’s cool, people have different tastes. The thing is, though, I have only seen someone say they didn’t like Arya because of one of her actual flaws once in my entire experience of stanning her (and trust me, i do a lot of scavenging) and only few people who say they’re just not interested. Any other time I’ve seen someone say they dislike Arya it’s for a reason that simply does not exist. That’s the problem. People wasting their time hating on a character for reasons that are not even valid.


"I’m secure in the hold below, with twenty of my men. I can wait, but you cannot.

Before departing, I sent a message to the captain of the Scarborough. I told him where I was headed,

and I told him where he would find you.”


"To have a steady job as an actor is like… a unicorn. It’s not possible."

Joanna sat on the sofa, listening to the water run in the shower. She hit her head against the back of the couch, hoping he would get out soon because she was bored out of her mind. The house was clean, everything was good, meaning she had nothing to do. “Rory! Rory! I’m bored! Get out of the shower!” She yelled, groaning and sighing heavily. Jo got bored easily and when it happened she would not stop complaining, at times she seemed to have the brain of a five year old. At least when Rory was there she had something to do, someone to talk to. More than anything she hated to be alone. She reached out to grab her water off the table and started to take a drink from it.

oh geez

My blog title is a lyric from ‘Save Me’ by Muse, which I picked because it gives me lots of Tentoo/Rose feels (and also it’s one of my favorite songs)…

I thought about changing it because by blog is all decked out for TM right now, but then I went and listened to the song again and….


I Am Not Losing Weight... I Am Gaining. WTF?! Day: 12 Of The First 30 Paleo/Primal Lifestyle 09/12/14


Hey Everyone,

 As you can see in my title of this blog I am not losing weight… I am gaining weight. I found the culprit. Coconut palm sugar. I used it for my coffee for the past week and a half and my weight loss has stalled and I have gained weight in the past 3 days. At first I thought it was my scale being broken. I was losing a lot of weight in the beginning, but I found out that was just “Water Weight”. I gave in and Googled what the hell am I doing wrong.

 It turns out I am consuming way too many carbs. If I want to lose weight I have to hit my sweet spot for the day which is “50-60 Carbs” a day. I got that source from marksdailyapple.com. Hopefully this will be the answer to why I am not losing the weight.

 I also have not been counting my calories. I decided to count my  calories now on myfitnesspal.com. I want to get comfortable and feel more confident with not being able to use the myfitnesspal.com in the long run. It just seems right now I need to use it because I need to lose the weight and learn from what not to do so I can succeed.

 This was a huge wake up call. The dinner rolls I made last night may be “Healthy” and considered Paleo/Primal friendly but, they are not friendly for “Weight loss” on Paleo/Primal. They are high in carbs. I can eat them like crazy if I reached my goal weight. Well, not crazy but… I can eat about 4 of them and not worry so much.

 This is definitely a learning experience. There will be days where you want to give up. BUT… I learned I can not focus on the scale so much. I need to start measuring myself with a tape measure other than relying on the scale so much. I have read other Paleo/Primal people experiences and they had the same issues like I did. They even gained weight from being on this lifestyle and their clothes started falling off.

 Here is links if you need some advice like I did if you’re not losing the weight like you intended to:




 These are just to help you find out what is wrong and why you’re not losing weight with this lifestyle. I too hope I can find out what is wrong with me and why I am not losing. I think I found out my problem. I just hope it is the answer. This is a weight loss journey after all… Right? 

XOXO Tosh.   

G U I T A R S ǀ ʀᴏᴄᴋ ʙᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴜ ǀ ɴɪᴠᴇᴜssᴇʀᴘᴇɴᴛᴇᴍ


Entering the bar quaint yet fanciful bar, the smooth jazz music floated into his ears as he trudged across the room. The concert was deemed stupendous among the audience and his band’s manager but the lead guitarist was worked to the bone.

When he neared the center of the leisure space, Grimmjow’s eyes flickered around the room to detect his acquaintance. It was an easy find and took no more than a few good seconds. In response to his find, Grimmjow continued his way towards the quiet, gothic-looking girl situated at the corner of the room. How typical of her.

Starrk ain’t comin’ today. Work has been shit rough an’ he’s gonna nap out the entire day.” 

sobs gently

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I (24M) love my (39F) GF. She's a bit older but I'm enjoying my relationship with her. However, I've had a talk with my mother who brought up some stuff to think about. It's kinda worrying me. I would like to get your insight. Thank you!

http://ift.tt/eA8V8J So, as you can see in my title, my girlfriend is a bit older than I am. This also my first romantic relationship ever. We’ve been having fun together. We also have the occasional argument (I guess all couples do). But I’m happy with my relationship and love her. We’ve only been dating about 3 months, but we’ve connected so much since then.It helps that she is extremely attractive and looks younger than she is. But she is extremely intelligent and fulfills me intellectually. We have A LOT of the same interests. She is also willing to try new things (like camping and hiking). It is an interracial relationship (her black, me white), and I have learned so much and gained new insight by talking about certain issues. She has a lot to offer and I love her. I’ve went on dates with a lot of attractive younger women, but I could never connect with them. With her, I can.I was talking to my mom. She said she is happy that I am happy. But she brought up some issues of concern. Such as:1) She is quite a bit older and doesn’t have much time to have kids. If she decides she wants kids in the future, her time may run out and miss that opportunity.2) She is older and I’m active. When we get older, she may not want to do a lot of the same things I do. (I want to travel the world, hike everywhere, etc). She may not have the same energy levels as you.3) You took her virginity. So she may have a different attatchment to you than other relationships. (She grew up in a very strict religious environment until she stopped going to church. She is still “religious”, but isn’t so concerned about the strict dogma that is required by more strict sects of Christianity).Me and my girlfriend have talked about a lot of these issues. We think that marriage is a little bit overrated (She still thinks marriage serves a purpose. But she also believes that it is put on a pedestal and thinks its ridiculous to imply that it’s the only option for loving couples to make). We’ve talked about the fact that we both have goals in our lives (she possibly wants to own her own business or be involved in some non-profit or social justice for the poor. And I want to travel and explore the world). We’ve talked about kids (I don’t want them, or at least anytime soon. She said she could see why it would be nice to have them, but also realizes the sacrifice and commitment it takes. And she has goals she wants to do. So she’s a fence sitter at best). I’ve mentioned that this is my first relationship and that she is the first person that I could say I love, and that I’m still learning a lot.We’ve discussed a lot of things. I’ve talked to my sister about my worries, and she said I’m thinking to much and enjoy the relationship. That’s what I’ve been doing (except for some of these worries that come up occasionally). I’m just enjoying this relationship and I love being with her. I mentioned that to my girlfriend. I mentioned that I’m enjoying it right now. If it works then it’ll work, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. But I definitely won’t regret entering the relationship. I’ve learned so much from her. And even if we weren’t dating or if we break up, I would still like to be friends with her (although one could make the argument that I say that now because I have my love glasses on).My mom brought these points I listed in numbers up. And marriage got brought up (me and my family actually went to a sermon a few weeks ago where the pastor preached about marriage and divorce and the reason why divorces are so high is because of people not basing their marriage on Jesus). I’ve mentioned that I kinda think that marriage is a little overrated and that sometimes people will be perfect for each other at one stage of their lives and end up having different goals and things they want to do and just simply drift apart. There is no rhyme or reason for their splitting. There is no big fight or argument, they just agree that they want different things and simply quit the relationship. My mom says that’s because people don’t base their marriage on Jesus nowadays. And if more couples just turned to Jesus then there would be less divorce. I mentioned if that were the case, then irreligious people wouldn’t have a lower divorce rate than religious people (not by a HUGE margin. But they do get divorced less). Then it resulted in a sermon where I just pretended to agree (I don’t want my mom to find out that I’m an atheist. I don’t want her to have that fear and anxiety that her son is hellbound).Anyways, I kinda just nodded my head and just pretended to agree when she brought up Jesus. But she brought up some legit concerns before she went on a Jesus rant. And it is on my mind right now. I love my girlfriend and enjoy this relationship. If it ends, I will still be happy that it happened (though it would probably suck for a while). But I don’t want to put her in a position where she regrets the relationship. I’m a bit younger and have a lot of time to figure stuff out. She is older and some opportunities are fading away (like having children). As much as I love her, I don’t want to put her in a position full of regret and feeling that she wasted her time with me. Besides striving to get a good job that will allow me enough money that will let me do the things I want to do, I’m just kinda appreciating the moment and cherishing the present. But I don’t want to do this at the sacrifice of my SO’s potential plans for the future.So since I’m an etheist and my mother kinda based her advice on Christianity. I would just like to get some differing opinions from people with different outlooks. Thank you!tl;dr: I love my girlfriend and she loves me. I’m enjoying the relationship right now. My mom brought up some things to think about. She talked about them from a religious prospective and I’m an atheist. Even though she brought religion into it, she still brought up good points that are kinda in the back of my mind. I’ve talked about a lot of these points with my gf. But I’m afraid she might change her mind about certain things when it’s too late. Looking for some outside perspective! http://ift.tt/1qECYsE