As someone who absolutely used to believe in and complain about the Friend Zone, it took a lot of listening and self-examination to accept that it was entirely possible that not only was there nothing wrong with me, but that there was nothing wrong with her either (whoever ‘she’ happened to be at the time). People do things for reasons. Sometimes those reasons are malicious and exploitative and cruel. But at least as often (and I’d say far more often), they’re entirely reasonable and defensible. Part of this problem, to be sure, is that we have adopted a completely bizarre model of relationships that denies both men and women full agency – men as mindless sexual automatons, women as miserly guardians of sexual activity. A more mature understanding of relationships as two people who find ways to enhance each other’s lives allows for the possibility that people could have meaningful interaction that may or may not include sexual intimacy.

Reblog if you think it’s a cool idea to make a tumblr page where you can see girl selfies, news about lesbian-related tv shows/movies, workout tips, flirting tips, advice about girls, interesting lesbian-related stories, dating/making friends (example, I’d write: “Everyone who is from England like this post.”), lgbt music news. And similar.

Well that’s what I’m doing.