aryastarklings asked:

11, 16, 18, 22, 27 :)


11- describe your ideal day

honestly any day when i get to see my friends and eat buffalo chicken is a good day

16-if i grew up in a different environment would i be a different person?

probably… like my background (my dad being an immigrant, my parents’ divorce, living with a single mom, not having lots of money in a wealthy area, etc) made me who i am tbh

18- what’s your patronus

my spirit animal, much like anderson cooper, is probably a silver fox

22- top 5 things i spend my time doing

•doing homework (x5)

27- is my outside appearance representative of the “real me”

no only bc the only good representation of the real me i’ve ever seen is that high school chem lab poster with the dog in goggles

aryastarkling asked:

I'm literally so in love with your blog that adskjfhaskjdflka can we please be best friends peace n blessins ok bye

Hi Katie, just so you know, I very rarely follow back but:

  • I visit your blog and the first thing I see is ‘love gendrya or perish’ (not a fan of the ship name but GOD AryaxGendry is my OTP even though happiness may be hopeless I am willing to long for it to happen)
  • You make pretty stuffs
  • Your first page is sprinkled with things I reblogged
  • You have a link for your ‘crying’ tag on you sidebar, I clicked it and and everything broke heart
  • You’re not a multi fandom blog (very important to me)
  • Your theme is cute and it doesn’t hurt my eyes
  • Your an emotional fangirl and so am I
  • You asked me to be your friend

Instant following you and prolly even stalking you from now on, you will not be able to make me stop, NOPE.