Zodiac On Thanksgiving

Aries - Playing with the children and behaving like one too

Taurus - Munching on food all day anxiously awaiting the main meal

Gemini - Walks around talking to everyone while listening to and spreading gossip

Cancer - Does most of the cooking and food preparations so others do not have to

Leo - Brings store bought food and wine to dinner because they have no idea how to cook

Virgo - Stands in the kitchen and explains to everyone why the way they are cooking is wrong

Libra - Tries to keep other people’s disagreements from going overboard 

Scorpio - Uncovers all the dark secrets people are keeping and do not want everyone else to know about 

Sagittarius - Only makes a brief appearance because they want to leave and do something more fun 

Capricorn - Spends the entire time stressed about all the work they need to do but are not getting done thanks to the holidays 

Aquarius - Gets annoyed with how normal everyone is trying to appear to be and purposely stirs the pot

Pisces - Spends all day drinking and hopes they do not appear as intoxicated as they feel 

Brutally Honest Zodiac Signs
  • Aries:everything is a competition to you, and its really fucking obnoxious you literally need to stop. it's not cute or endearing and saying 'i do what i want' is no longer a valid answer, asshole
  • Taurus:you're a giant hippie stop burning incense and venture outside ur box goddamn
  • Gemini:stop talking bc sometimes u do the thing where u don't always think about what ur saying and u have a tendency to sound kinda embarrassing or u sound like an asshole. also learn the balance between no emotion and way too much bc u haven't found it yet
  • cancer:ur a fucking prick. no one wants ur harsh and unwelcome 'advice'. honestly just stay in ur lane
  • leo:sometimes its good to, you know, not be the center of attention all the fuckin' time
  • libra:what the fuck. go away. stop acting like ur supreme to everyone bc u sure as hell fuckin' aren't
  • scorpio:stop acting like ur 'cool' and 'edgy' and 'better than others' for not wanting to socialize ur aren't higher up on the cool scale for not liking parties. also keep it in ur pants and delete ur fb relationship posts kthx
  • saggitarius:stop being so hard on yourself bc its getting really old people no longer want to be there for you ur just becoming a self pitying arse
  • capricorn:show some emotion and stop being a superficial bitch
  • aquarius:U ARE NOT WISER THAN OTHERS sit down and shut up bc u need to stay in ur lane too buddy. you are not god stop being bitchy when people dont worship u
  • pisces:stop crying
Best Profession for Each of the signs

(DISCLAIMER: This is not what the signs “should” be, but let’s say they had to be forced into one profession as a collective, these would be it.)

Aries - Performers: this can be any type of performance; dance, theatre, acting, or even miming. Not saying that all Aries’ are confident people, or even dramatic enough to be performers, but when put into the position they can do amazingly well under the spotlight, and will probably grow to enjoy it (as they are meant to shine!) Aries’ are full of energy and enthusiasm, while being very expressive through their body language. They excel at activities which are physical, but also gives them a chance to channel their great feelings of urgency and passion.

Taurus - Chefs: even if you don’t cook well, all Taurus’ know good food when they taste it and this is enough of a prompt for them to become amazing cooks. They aren’t for the bland and tasteless when it comes to their food; they like a range of meals and experiences, thus being most likely to create the most succulent and flavoured dishes (with practice, of course.) Also, they’re methodical creatures and will find a certain bliss in the process of cooking. 

Gemini - Writers: even the most tongue-tied, inarticulate Gemini is probably a better communicator than you. Gemini’s minds run at a thousand miles a second and so many different ideas go through their brains throughout the day. They aren’t always these super smart and vocal people, but when it comes to it, they’re most likely to be the best writers as they know the right thing to say and the right word to use. Give them the time, and they’ll be able to tap into that expansive internal world of theirs and give the most innovative, unorthodox and generally intriguing opinions and stories. 

Cancer - Therapists: Cancers can be emotional and moody, we all know that, but they’re very understanding because they’ve probably felt every emotion under the sun. When they’re not focused on themselves and their own problems, they can be very insightful and have the ability to heal any troubled soul that comes their way. They have the power of the moon at their fingertips and all they need to do is tap into that maternal side to their personalities (it all comes a’flowin’ after that.) Cancers have a generally non-judgmental attitude, which helps people put down their guards around them. 

Leo - Politicians: I know, I know - you don’t really get this kind of an answer for a Leo. But even if the harsh world of politics isn’t the best place for them, it would benefit the rest of us! The reason Leo’s are born leaders is because they are ruled almost entirely by their hearts, but have enough mental energy and intelligence to guide their passionate feelings in a more practical manner. They are the least likely to judge or be prejudiced against people, holding themselves with a certain integrity and honour. Although when they attack, they attack with ferocity, a Leo is someone who is always willing to give people second chances.

Virgo - Scientists: so precise and exact, Virgos are the only people I would trust to have the worlds’ natural laws and secrets in their hands. Virgos will not miss a single thing and if all scientists were Virgos, I’m sure we’d have the knowledge to an eco-friendly, harmonious life on earth by now. They are thorough and methodical and have their own way of getting things done. While being these little geniuses (generally), Virgos have this nurturing side to them. They can be very intelligent and sharp minded, but also have enough intuition to view science with a healthy dose of spirituality.

Libra - Lawyers: give a Libra a chance to collect themselves, and they will argue the shit out of a case. Behind their picture of composed perfection, there is a passion and that passion is for justice. No one believes in fairness more than the Libra, and no one has the charm and diplomacy to make their way to the top of law than the Libra. They may not be known for their confrontational nature, but a Libra who is strong willed and compassionate enough, who can combine their skills of communication, charisma and intelligence, (with the right amount of courage) can make their case irrefutable. Their charms will have any jury at their feet and because they believe in true fairness for all, they’ll fight for those who’ve been let down by the sometimes arbitrary and prejudiced justice system. 

Scorpio - Criminal Psychologists: really, it is either that or “detective.” The reason that Scorpios would be greatly suited in the field of criminal psychology is because aren’t as easily shocked or disturbed. I’m not saying that they can’t be, but generally Scorpios are the kind of people who have seen the darkest sides of humanity - both in others and in themselves - and for them, life is one big grey area. They will have the stomach, insight, curiosity and mental strength to be able to deal with the horrors of the criminally insane. Scorpios are emotionally intense, but they draw strength from this is and will be able to enter the job with an open mind. They will be able to delve into the depths of a person’s soul, while being able to keep their own mental health intact. 

Sagittarius - Professors/Teachers: you know how sometimes with teachers, you get the feeling they’ve fallen into a profession they really didn’t want? Like they drew the short end of a straw or something? You won’t get that with a Sag teacher! The reason I’ve put this sign into this career is because Sagittarius’ love to share and love to learn; they have this undeniable and contagious optimism about them, and if not that a true passion for whatever field they study. Teaching isn’t a dead end for them; they’re good with people and will know how to connect with their students. They have the right mix of passion, intelligence, and openness to become an engrossing and enlightening Professor/Teacher.

Capricorn - Surgeons: this one was harder to answer, because being a Capricorn I’m obviously going to be a little biased (but personally I’m not the “surgeon” type.) Capricorns aren’t very emotional, in fact they can appear to be quite clinical in their approach to others at times, but inside of them is a well of feelings and a natural compassion that goes beyond just wanting to hug the hurt away. The best profession for a Capricorn to channel that need to take care of others, while keeping themselves at a distance, is through medicine. They may not know how to make you feel better emotionally or mentally, but they can certainly get rid of that tumor! Capricorns have the required patience and stealth for the profession, and they’re not the type to faint at the sight of a little blood neither.

Aquarius - Celebrities: so being a “celebrity” isn’t a job necessarily, but the reason Aquarius’ are so much more suited to the status than any other sign is the fact that they have so many varying interests and talents, and never really decide on one thing to do. Being a rich famous person will help them; they could dabble in theatre, promptly move on to music, have a go at politics for a bit, or invent something! Aquarius’ aren’t indecisive, they’re just multifaceted. Sports, science, art - anything, you name it and they’ll learn to be good at something in it. They also have a strong sense of self and will be least likely to let the “fame and fortune” get to their heads.

Pisces - Artists: any kind of artistic occupation for the Pisces - musicians, painters, sculptors, etc. They’re very emotional, spiritually inclined and all Pisces’ need to express themselves in one way or another. If they keep their feelings locked in, it could be lethal for their health, and they need the freedom that is given as a artist to work on their own terms. These guys have a natural talent for the arts and would produce the most emotive and interesting work.

The Signs as Leaders
  • Fire signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo):The showy leader. They're great at giving pep talks and making everybody feel recognized, though they're lax with punishment. That is unless they get drunk with power, in which case, they are harsh and imposing.
  • Earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus):No-nonsense leaders. They are fair and efficient, though they are slow to praise. They can be quite distant and strict, but will always be able to make the necessary calls to suceed.
  • Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio):The empathetic leader. They are warm and understanding, and will always put their people first. Because of this they can be easy to take advantage of and, like with the Fire signs, they'll find it hard to dole out punishment.
  • Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra):The approachable leader. They're easy to talk to and more calculating than they seem. It's easy for them to get people to trust them and are quite flexible. They're not afraid of making umpopular decisions which might take people by surprise.
The Signs on Black Friday!

Aries- is probably the most competitive person there! They are running people down with their shopping carts and fists. But hey, at least they got that TV and coffee maker.

Taurus- this sign loves to window shop but their association with possessions makes it hard for them to resist all the sales. They get seduced when their guilty pleasures are cheap.

Gemini- these guys can come for one thing on Black Friday and leave with something totally different. They are also voted most likely to get separated from everyone.

Cancer- Cancer is the one trying to make sure no one gets lost or hurt. They will make you come with them to the store/department they want to go to because they don’t trust you to be on your own.

Leo- this person makes sure they hit every store and department they planned on going to first, no matter what! Then maybe if there is some time after they will go with you to your favorite/needed store. They also battle it out to get what they want.

Virgo- this is a sign that will probably only buy one thing on Black Friday if at all. They can resist all the temptation and probably will get flustered by all the crowds.

Libra- these guys just love being out and about on Black Friday. They are good at balancing their purchases from what they plan on getting to a few spontaneous buys that make them happy.

Scorpio- These guys are on the hunt for the best deals on Black Friday. They make it a personal challenge and game to get the most for their money.

Sagittarius- this is the sign that probably snatched a T.V. right out of Aries hands. They too are competitive on Black Friday and is super quick with their shopping. They are in and out!

Capricorn- this sign is voted most likely to drive everyone around on Black Friday. They also stick to the plan of what they are going to get and usually gets it! They don’t come off as competitive in their shopping but they can get ruthless and will fight for that new game console.

Aquarius- these people are probably sleeping away on Black Friday but is ready for the fight on Cyber Monday.

Pisces- this person is most likely still in their PJ’s grumbling to the friend or partner who dragged them out on Black Friday. They might be annoyed until they see that movie or game they like on sale.

Tessa Pollitt, Ari Up, and Viv Albertine of The Slits in 1979

“Tessa is wearing opaque black leggings — most British girls wear these because of the weather. Tessa’s pink pumps and Ari’s red pumps are very cheap Chinese shoes from Chinatown in New York. Their shoes are very worn — we wore everything until it fell off us. We were poor and there wasn’t the culture then of looking groomed and expensive; that look was abhorrent to us. Ari has scars and cuts on her legs, she was 15 years old, still climbing walls and running around all over the place. My legs look rather mottled — it was probably cold, they always went like that when I was freezing. I’m wearing All Star trainers.”

(inspiration for this pin)