I was just in a car crash, and the car spun around so many times I thought I was going to die. I’m so shaken up.


forbiddn luv - an orignal mavin fic by sarha

onse upon a tyme

ther were 2 cool doods who play vid gamez.
totes no homo.
bc mikal got a wifey and she hella
and gavn got a hottie gf w/ nice boobz
but mikal n gavn flet somethng speshal when they were arund eacch other
lyke ther harts woold start beatin fasster an the pants wold get tightter down in tha dingdong area if u kno wat i mean
an linzey and gavns gf who i cant rmmebr the name of noticd tht mikal and gavn were in luv
and they sayed “yah u 2 luvbirds go 4 it. we will go lezbo 4 each othr so it’s ok 4 u 2 go gay for each otheer u have our blessins”
so gavn and mikal made sweet swet lov and fild each othrs butts up
and it ws amazin
but OH NO
dey acdiently uploade ther sexxtape 2 achvmunt henter yo2ube chnanel!!
“oh no” sayd gavn. “why we do dis”
an mikal told him “it’s meanted 2 b gavn don’t fight it”
and all the fanz cheered n said “yAY MAVIN IS CANEN WOOOO WE NEW IT !!”
an they all lved haply ever aftur
the ende

AU! where everyone in Free! was a bara
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:Sousuke as a body builder god damn it just
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:He wouldn't have a nECK
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:Just
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:Muscle connecting his head to his shoulders
  • 【 N a n a s e 。】:MY FACE HURTS
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:HE WOBBLES ARUND
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:SHOVING HARU INTO A CORNER
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:'Don't ever get in rins way again'
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:hobbles away
  • ◤ e•n•s•u•i ◢:JESUS

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hey!! :3c i was just wondering: when Rin comes and visits u do u two talk in Norse (is that what's spoken in Norway?, I actually don't know) or English?

(the language’s called Norwegian !! :3)
TBH we have a bad habit of speaking in english IRL w each other because we usually chat in english (like over skype) so we often end up speaking english irl too hehe
Once Upon a Time we tried to speak norwegian like everyone else arund us, and norwegian is our first language after all but i think we just kinda Gave up and occasionally our parents will be like looking at us weirdly and we’ll be like “What” bc we usually never realize we’ve switched from norwegian to english #pda

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Anubis, hathor, apollo

  • Anubis:How do you feel about death? - It fucking terrifies me.
  • Hathor:What brings you joy? - Cats. Drawing. Food.
  • Apollo:Do you play any instruments? - I can half-ass my way arund a keyboard but thats about it.

Yesterday at Dave and Busters… Those arcade games have some good selfie lighting!!! (PS: please disregard the fact that this picture looks like it was taken with a potato, my phone camera sucks!!😩😫) (at Dave and Busters…Arundal Mills mall)


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i don’t understand. like i get that you’re saying haru doesn’t like me but wtf?

i’m bored out of my mind and i have nothing to do save drawing rreally unsuccessfully which is no fun and looking at dollfie dream stuff which i don’t want to do because doll shit is stuff you do when you’re actually happy and you want to make the switch to outright giddy or you just need to cheer yourself up but there aren’t people arund

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myusic play all arund. thar wer danceing gecko everiewher. suddunly a lud "BAAANG" went trhu teh club. geckos intake breth all arund. geico insurinze gecko wulks up, strung austrailian accentz strung. "who rudy to part-ayyy!" he whespered. gecko cheers all arund. tehy thout the partie wuz over, but it onliey jus start-ed.

My dreams all in one post

okaay I’m tird an dI can’t think of nanything mor to say, but there;s stil 4 more toe cathc up and I’m woried Tummor wil ban me for imago span, but I cogot a GRAET idea to get arund that so here we go!

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