A “Frozen’ race-bend based on berrys-sketchblog’s neat-o idea (check it out here go go go now http://berrys-sketchblog.tumblr.com/post/66942888329/yo-so-i-heard-you-guys-like-racebended-versions-of

I messed with the designs a lot - largely looking at kabuki represetations of yuki onna and going with that. Apart from that, I just took the colour scheme of the film promos and went with it. 


This film by George Maciunas is a black and white film that involved no camera, just working on clear film. It has dots, patterns, and lines. We’ve seen this kind of thing already from other filmmakers, but this seems to be during the other structure films, and I think it is a structure film because it’s just one frame and has a “still camera”. I think maybe he was still trying to work with the earlier animators but gets thrown into this arena instead because of the time he produced during. 

Nearly everything that came from Max’s mouth was a yell, shout, a scream, anything that wasn’t quiet. Even when he was sleeping their was the loud noise of “ssssssccccccchhhhhuuuu wabwabwabwab, ssssssccccccchhhhhuuuu wabwabwabwab” closely followed by Dads “hhhhuuuuuu uuuuuhhhhhh, hhhhuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuhhhhhh” which was then followed by Mums ” Be quiet before I shove some socks in those mouths!”
—  The Artypants Saga, Arthur aged 11
Following the crowd...

So, I’ve done it. I’ve signed up to tumblr.

For those of you who don’t know me I’m an English steampunk artist.

Hopefully (if I remember) I will be updating this page with not only my own work, but also that of inspirational and interesting artwork from around the world. 

If all else fails I may just use this page to mindlessly rant about my inconsiderate neighbour, fuel prices, or the in-laws!

15 things that make me happy

I was tagged by thoughts-while-drinking-tea and I have no idea who to tag. Eh, followers, do it if you feel like it. Anyway, the list

1) Lego

2) Skulduggery Pleasant


4) Arthur Brown’s music

5) fletcher-renns-hair (the blog owner and the actual thing)

7) The Sparrows in general

8) Mythology (preferably DRAGONS)

9) Lying in the bathtub with the shower spray on.

10) Good food

11) Actually just Food

12) Give me all of your food

13) The Lord Artypants saga (A massive story I came up with that no one wants to listen to)

14) Family

15) Fronds

I can’t think of enough people to tag, so just do it if you want to