*stares at the screen*

I find myself moving toward wanting to work in the Illustration field, but I feel a bit overwhelmed. I am unsure where to start. Where is a good place to try? I know I would like to be at (and have sent art to) Hasbro, but I would like to find other places to look into. I have given some thought to Wizards of the coast. (I love Dungeons and Dragons) And MAYBE White Wolf since they do horror rp, it could be something I could be good at.

But that is the extent of where I know I want to try. I have no idea where would be a good place. I know there are thousands of places and people who would love to get an artist to work for them, but I am really looking for a place that pays a respectable amount. I want to move and I want to give Audra the wedding we both want. So places that pays almost nothing (or nothing) is not really what I need. 

So, if anyone has any suggestions of a place to look into let me know. I am planning a new portfolio and I would love to find some places to focus some art on.

Thanks all.