i rendered this image based off a previous, un-glorious rendition made by a political blogger.

i follow Cato-at-Liberty.org on facebook, and last year they shared this awesome venn diagram from james sinclaire describing the commonality between the occupy wall street people and the tea party folks (or at least what they started out as). i loved its message! so much that i decided to re-create the image into a more appealing / shareable graphic. i wanted to give it some sex appeal.

clearly libertarians and those on the left don’t agree on everything, but i feel confident that both movements would love to end corporatism. shouldn’t our similarities culminate in what changes really need to happen?

anyway, the image seemed to circulate quite a bit on facebook. it wound up on buzzfeed, a year later the direct image i uploaded on facebook has 577 shares and 633 likes, 99% of which were from people i’m not even friends with. who know’s how many people downloaded the image and reposted which was then reshared. it had 679 clicks on the bit.ly link i provided for access to a high-resolution version of the image… not that numbers matter here. because this wasn’t anything ground breaking. just that i hope to help people question their ideas about what things are most important for our society’s progression.

again, not a huge viral experience. or, if it was i was unable to track it. regardless, my first taste at making an impact and spreading a message. that’s always what i’ve yearned to do with my creations.. forward the cause for liberty and markets.