{Unfilled} [Mako/Haru] Stalking, manipulation, kidnapping, TW: Dubcon

"K so i don’t like non-con, but i kinda like the idea that Makoto has basically had a fixation on Haru since they were kids, he manipulates Haru to the point where he basically speaks for him regarding everything. One day, Makoto basically just straight up kidnaps him and runs away with him, and Haru actually just doesn’t know any way of life beyond Makoto so he just goes along with it, thinking he loves him, afraid to say otherwise, and eventually becomes numb to all emotions and shit omg

based on this out-of-context translation which thoroughly creeped me out http://artsykittykat.tumblr.com/post/92125086236/makochantachibanana-its-even-better-with

so, as stated, no non-con please, but dub-con is ok, if it get sexual, but tbh i’m really just looking for little drabbles of scenes showing Makoto having an unhealthy fixation with Haru and how well he takes care of everything to ensure Haru is with him always.

(((if you wanted it to end with murder you know maybe i’d be ok with that idk these feelings are confusing to me i’m normally all about the fluff and romance….)))