People I Am Happy To Be Alive With [1/?]

Thomas Sanders

So I’ve given myself a little project that will propably just going on as long as I want to and as long as I find people I want to include in this.

The general idea is to show you the people that make me smile and make me happy by drawing them in maximum 2 hours total. It’s a way to keep me practising portraying people in a simple, not to detailed way, and also a way to acknowledge the people that deserve it in my opinion. I am not planning on including celebrities, just people from the internet (friends, viners, maybe a few youtubers, etc.), I may or may not know them personally, but that really doesn’t matter. 

Thomas Sanders is one of the few viners who actually manage to produce content without harming anyone or offending anyone and still be incredibly funny, and that really is something. Also, I heard he’s basically a bunch of butterflies??? (and a real life peter pan, I am 100% sure of this)


I light one more cigarette, and this time I can see the cherry glow as I inhale, and I imagine that I could wear lipstick that’s red like my cigarette’s cherry, that I could be a girl, that I could be pretty, or as ethereal as Violet, that I could be like Violet in any way, that Violet could look at me and see anything but the girl who takes care of her yard, the girl who smokes where she shouldn’t, I imagine that with red lipstick I would be Jeremy’s first choice, that I would be more than a dirty-handed girl, I imagine that with red lipstick, I could love something besides a flower, but I know my mouth is only for smoking, only for murmuring little nothings to other people’s gardens. I suck more deeply on the cigarette, trying to inhale sickness and regret, trying to exhale the ghosts and all emotion. I hear Violet screaming, and I wonder how she can be so loud when I’m several blocks away from her house, how she hasn’t exhausted herself yet, and I take my feet out of the fountain and lean back against a dead woman’s plaque, and sink into the ghosts that are screaming all around me.  

excerpt from a story i wrote called “Necropolis”
(plz don’t delete my caption)