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Here is Wherever

A comic book, edition 11,000, featuring five stories of the cultural life of contemporary Sussex. Sussex Arts Marketing, Brighton, UK.


Back Then, Right Now

A comic book, edition 20,000, narrating experiences of six tourist attractions in Hampshire. Arts Marketing Hampshire, UK.

The Conversationalists

Twelve volunteers from Berwick-upon-Tweed collated six hundred conversations had or overheard in town. A book of these was given away to every household in Berwick. English Heritage, Berwick-upon-Tweed, UK.


A series of nine broadcast television reality shows following the progress of Manhatten artists competing for the attentions of Jeffrey Deitch. Gallery HD and Deitch Projects, New York, USA.

Sweet gear rundown from @seth__la12. #worshipdrummer 
Sunday Setup: Tama Artstar ll kit, Tama starphonic snare
Sizing: 14/6” snare, 13/10” hi-Tom, 16/16” floor, 22/20” kick
Cymbals: 14” HHX Evolution hats, 17” Zildjian Medium Crash, 16” HHX Evolution crash, 21” Zildjian A Custom Sweet Ride
Heads: Aquarian Hi-Energy Snare, Evans EC2 Level 360 Toms, Aquarian Super Kick ll
Sticks: Vater 5B Hickory