If you’re interested in how to draw believable robots and machinery I taught a class that’s available through svslearn.com.

Link: http://schoolofvisualstorytelling.bigcartel.com/product/drawing-robots-and-machinery

This isn’t a tutorial outlining a mech recipe, this class is a map showing the terrain allowing you to navigate your own design. I go deep into the thought process of design, demonstrate it, and even do draw overs of a few class member’s work.

When you order the class you’ll get a streaming or download option that you can watch any time. It also comes with a pdf of my lecture notes, and a workbook with a bunch of drawing exercises.

Monster design demo I did from my Drawing Villains and Monsters class. We decided to combine a crustacean, with a cephalopod, with a woman. Ended up with this, which is creepy, but kind of cool at the same time.

A good chunk of the class was devoted to monster design theory; how much of what element to put into your design, and what key elements make up some of the most recognizable and classic monsters.

You can get a download of the full class here: http://schoolofvisualstorytelling.bigcartel.com/product/drawing-villains-and-monsters

I have a new class for SVS happening in a couple weeks: Drawing Robots and Machinery


If you’ve ever wanted to know my techniques, thought process, and secrets to drawing believable tech you need this class.

At two hours long I’ll go over the 4 principles of designing machinery and how to apply this to robots, vehicles, devices, and buildings.

If you want to participate in the live online class I only have a few slots available, otherwise you can get a streaming or download version of the class.

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