The Arts Bournemouth Festival is going to be happening on various dates between Sept-Oct. Just been looking through the programme and its a heady mix of high culture, oddity and, importantly, some cool free events.

It’s absolutely great that this sort of thing is happening in Bournemouth and if you get a chance (and of course live locally) try to show some support. Would be a damn shame if this was the first and only year it ran!

An amazing opportunity has popped up, a big company in Bournemouth have opened brand new offices on commercial road, theres lots of window space in a really really good location with lots and lots of foot-fall. 

They’re really against doing something boring and wasteful and just tinting or frosting the glass. Instead they want to invite local art students to use the window space to hang and display any works they’re looking to sell.

I will be curating the first months window display as a ‘trial run.’ So keep your eyes peeled, exciting things to come.