20 facts about me!

I was tagged by jaredradaleckiii so here is twenty facts about me c:
1. My name’s Mikey.
2. I usually go by Ballato, Way, Lyn-Z, or Noodle online.
3. My favorite band is My Chemical Romance.
4. I really like Pokemon.
5. I am a panromantic asexual genderqueer.
6. I play five instruments.
7. I have severe anxiety, autism, dysthymia, and probably ADHD (getting tested hopefully soon.)
8. I have a turtle named Millie and a dog named Sadie.
9. My favorite color is black.
10. the hottest people in the world are:
-Dallon Weekes
-Pete Wentz
-Patrick Stump
-Frank Iero
-Gerard Way
-Jack Barakat
-2D Pot
-Alex Turner
-Vic Fuentes
-Tay Jardine
-Brendon Urie
-Dave Strider
-Karkat Vantas
-Dirk Strider
-John Egbert
-Rose Lalonde
-Jade Harley
-Jane Crocker
-Roxy Lalonde
-Jake English
-Pretty much everyone else in Homestuck.
-Merrill (not gonna lie)
-Jordan Sweeto
-Destery Smith
-Greg Jackson
-Hayley Williams
-Ariel from Icon For Hire
-Mikey Way
-The list goes on.
11. My favorite YouTuber is Onision.
12. My favorite book series is The Oz Chronicles.
13. My favorite shows are Boy Meets World, The Mentalist, and Supernatural.
14. My favorite movies are Children Of The Corn, Aliens, Alien 3, Friday (1995), and The Exorcist.
15. My favorite member of Gorillaz is Noodle.
16. My favorite artists are Gerard Way, Lyn-Z Way, Jamie Helbert.
17. I like to think I’m not awful at singing c:
18. I have a Wii.
19. I’m a Homestuck, so I’m kind of a freak.
20. I’m good with computers.

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