"This FREE event is a gathering to honor indigenous expression and mother earth. The Gathering of Nations is one of the largest indigenous events in the United States. It is held annually in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 500 tribes from around the United States and Canada travel to Albuquerque to participate. We would like to take this
opportunity to create a space to talk about the state of mother earth.

Our mission is to create awareness and support for Native
environmental issues and to showcase the amazing conscious art from across the country. Art has power. We believe that art plays an important role in activism. Art has the ability to wake people up. Through it we can evoke emotion, tell stories, inspire and motivate,and when channeled as a vehicle for issues of conscience it can become a catalyst for meaningful change. Fracking, uranium, coal, water mining and their powerplants, are all direct threats to our water, air, land, health. These extractive industries thrive on indigenous land we must create a space to speak out the protection of mother earth. 

With a blending of talent and creativity, this event promises to provide a space for our Indigenous communities to come together and support self expression but most importantly, Honor the Earth. Artist displays, an opening reception featuring Indigenous traditional foods, and a lecture by Winona Laduke are just some of the delightful treats
in store for the community at large. Often times Gatherings of Nations is focused around, fashion shows, or club centered events for young folks, but we see so many Indigenous youngsters that are creating masterpieces, from music to painting and photography to activism to
retaining traditional Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous youngsters are doing it and doing it well.

The Gathering of Nations Powwow is the perfect time to shine light on mother earth and showcase art that honors her. It is time that we as young people step up, support one another and grow into our roles. This cultural and entertaining time provides the perfect setting for
art-centered events. As a prominent member of the community, we would like to invite you to cover our art gathering and would be honored if you could join us. Our goal is to challenge our community to recognize that folks are creating innovative channels of expression. This year during the Gathering of Nations we would like to create a space to celebrate art, to celebrate the art of activism. 

Please share, spread the word. The more the merrier!”

List of artist and artist collectives:
-The Bee Hive collective
-Just Seeds
-Honor the Treaties
Dylan Miner
Jesus Barraza
Melanie Cervantes
Tom Greyeyes
Jaque Fragua
Cheyenne Randall
Greg Deal
Nani Chacon
Ernesto Yerena
Shepard Fairey
Chip Thomas
Ryan Singer
Jaycee Beyale
Julius Badoni
Remy Fredenberg 



“Check out this cool event taking place on May 5 (Monday) at Los Jardines Institute. A shout out to Autumn Chacon, a LJI core group member, who has been working to organize this event! Cinco de Mayo at Los Jardines with the Beehive collective with a workshop around environmental justice through art and story telling. 

JOIN US for this Wonderful Event”



My friend Abby and I are going to this and we’re really excited about it. When we were at the We Honor: The Art of Activism event, we picked up the Beehive Design Collective’s huge, amazing Mesoamerica Resiste poster. We’re very much looking forward to being able to hear what they have to say and discuss it because there’s A LOT going on in the poster.

Burqueñ@s, come support!

To artivists throughout the world, write - because you can’t not write; paint - because you can’t not paint; film - because you can’t not film; and create because you can’t accept what not creating means. Let us unfold our arms out of the fragile stance of spectators. Let us use our tools, sometimes like a scalpel and other times like a sledgehammer, in the service of the oppressed - liberation through imagination.
—  M.K. Asante Jr., It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop
Event: The War on Both Sides



A binational dialogue about art and violence in the context of the U.S.-Mexico drug war

Hosted by Rubén Martínez, Raquel Gutiérrez and Rafa Esparza, discussing their recent trip to Mexico City to meet with artists committed to representing the violence—and to heal the wounds 

Saturday, June 22, 2013 4 PM

Siqueiros Interpretive Center on Olvera Street

125 Paseo De La Plaza

Los Angeles, California 90012

Free and open to the public

For more information please call 213-804-4682

photo credit: Dino Dinco, 2012


Watch on amaptoyou.tumblr.com

My friend @to_know took this image of the art-activism today, and added Nina Simone’s Four Women, thanks Rich 💛I also want to make sure that I pay tribute and gratitude towards Nepali art activist Ashmina Ranjit, who is a pioneer artivist-activist in addition to being an amazing woman, through her art she has inspired many. #Formothers #artivist #ashminaranjit #ninasimone #ferguson

also Ian Deleón signed up for a residency or some type of program with the Boston Chinese Progressive Association and got chosen over an artist who’s Taiwanese. It involved very much participating with the community so s m h.  so yeah of course he’s great at selling himself and  sold himself as more as an~ artivist~ than the other artist who’s work is just kinda post modern paintings. That reason alone is why the other artist was pushed out. I talked shit with one of the few people on the board who really opposed him getting it and it was refreshing. Anyway my point  is that these fuck ass faux radical white men artists are the ones pushing PoC out of spaces that should be for them. I also think about what counts as activism and how for white people certain things are activism and for people of color it’s simply fucking survival but yeah. s m h. 

I Appreciate The Thorns Of The Rose From That Cracked Road
And I Want I Want To Swim In The Dimensions Of Her Soul
Drown In Her Fears
And Breath Through Her Happiness
The Orchestrator Of Her Heart Beat
The Miles Davis Of Her Smiles
Bruised Flowers
Together We’ll Bloom For Hours
Reflections Of The Infinite Universe
—  David The Artivist
#Repost from @marleescoffee with @repostapp --- CALLING ALL POETS, LYRICISTS, VOCALISTS, MUSICIANS, COMEDIANS AND PERFORMERS Don't miss this Tuesday Our special guest host will be the passionate Chiara. Our feature is the encomparable Durrell Lyons Our host: Chiara is a Georgia born “Artivist”. This published poet, actress, artist, educator, and activist, can be found on any given day, offering words of inspiration in coffee shops and after-school programs alike. Chiara has managed to merge the art of creative writing and performing to create a masterful spoken word experience. Chiara can been seen on Season 4 of Lexus Verses and Flow. She is a member of the 2014 Art Amok Slam Team. Chiara has also graced stages in productions of Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery, Blues For An Alabama Sky, The Importance of Being Ernest, For Colored Girls..., and NEAT to name a few. She has performed from coast to coast with her passionate delivery and heart-felt words. As co-director of the Fountain City Teen Poetry Slam in Columbus, GA, she considers herself blessed to watch the future take shape one “word” at a time. Twitter: chiararich IG: chiaraspeaks Web: chiaraspeaks.com Our feature: Durrel Lyons is a Texas native. He began writing as a child and aspired to be a rapper. He attended Savannah State University, he became involved with an organization called W.O.R.D (Way of Real Discover), where his Spoken Word Journey began. Durrel has been performing for 9 years, as well as the newest member of the Java Monkey Slam team. He currently resides in the North Atlanta area with his lovely life and 2 wonderful kids. email : dlyons@durrelllyonspoetry.com website : www.durrelllyonspoetry.com facebook : www.facebook.com/durrelllyonspoetry twitter : www.twitter.com/rufflanguage instagram : www.instagram/durrelllyonspoetry Marlee's Coffee & Tea House 349 Decatur Street Downtown ATLANTA 7:30pm to 9:30pm Cover Only $5.00 #poetry #spokenword #vocalists #musicians #comedians #lyricists #music #song #songs #melody #hiphop #rnb #love #rap #beat #beats #jam #goodfood #goodpeople #repeat #NewArtists #Artists #Atlanta #DowntownAtlanta #DowntownAtl

#BSIDEALERT - #DMV #PartyWithAPurpose




Embassy Row Hotel, 2015 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

3PM - 8PM

#Vip & #Bottle Service will be available!!! get your tix ASAP. #DMV

*Tix will not be available at the door. You must purchase them online: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/raheem-devaughn-presents-the-lovelife-sun-day-rooftop-pool-party-tickets-12630130059