Interrupt Bag


This Michael Kors bag full of feminist lit can be yours for only $5!

What is interrupt bag? It’s a raffle, it’s an ad campaign, it’s a provocative mash-up of high fashion and conscious literature.  All proceeds fund Interrupt Mag, a non-hierarchical, anti consumerist, inclusive fashion magazine for the (un)scene I started with a group of inspirational media makers last year.

But for me it’s also a personal project. I haven’t been able to find the words to explain or bridge what seem to be two separate lives I’ve been leading for the last decade. 

In one, I value everything intellectual, well researched, feminist, anti-racist, political and activist. I went to Columbia over six years to fit an undergrad degree in between fashion shoots. I run a creative agency in Brooklyn that works to tell the stories, and grow the power, of creatives and activists working in the margins. And I care very much about rigorous evaluation and constant conversation.

In another, I value the superficial, the ornate, the entertaining, and the paycheck. I’ve worked as a model since turning 16. I do not disparage or disrespect this work - it is popular, creative, engaging, and powerful. The fashion industry is full of friends. 

But how can I compromise my deep respect for the Marxist womanists of the 1970s, the alternative community organizers and artist-activists I see making change today without access to wealth, fame, or fate?

I don’t know the answer, and maybe these images will provoke or spark some debate. Maybe they will be seen as irreverent? Or maybe someone will start to give a fuck for fashion.

If this raffle works to raise funds, I’ll make this a monthly give away. Interrupt’s rotating editors will use the $$ to create radical aesthetic alternatives to mainstream fashion and commission contributors. 

Can you see me? Can you define me? What word are you trying to label me? Why? Were you able to see beyond? Are you wrong? A fox once told a little prince, what is essential is invisible to the eye. #ImNotaJoke 

I’m Not A Joke was begun in Venezuela on January 23, 2013 by writer, illustrator, and activist Daniel Arzola, It became the first Venezuelan viral campaign that through art raised awareness of the prejudice and violent acts performed against the LGBTI community around the world. 

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There is infinite power in words. We can literally hurt, kill, and destroy someones spirit with the words we say to them. The flip side is that we can also build, restore and heal people with our words. 

The choice is yours, choose wisely. 

Everybody always starts with the question: What if you were attacked? Well, let’s flip it. What if you lost your shit and attacked someone? Let’s start there. How do you want to be dealt with?

Everybody always starts with a narrative of victimhood, and I think that it’s more useful to turn the conversation around. We aren’t infallible. We have to have the humility when dealing with people who have been accused of things to know that we have the capability to do similar things.

There’s got to be something more organic than the models that have come out of progressive communities that value the narrative of the accuser over the accused. Or the one who is harmed over the one who has caused the harm.

I feel committed to building a world where both of those people are heard, harm is addressed, and dignity of all involved is restored. This isn’t possible if we throw away people who cause harm and rely on punitive models of justice.

—  Ryan Conrad
This is a call for volunteers.

We need people. People willing to put in a few extra hours a week to help impact their communities, their friends and loved ones in a positive way. At Artivism, we create a lot of media to be spread about a variety of issues.

All you need to volunteer are the following things:

  • A computer (luckily, you’re on one right now)
  • A printer 
  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Time

What you’ll do is go into our “Printables” section, pick a flyer to print out, print out a bunch of copies and put them everywhere you’re legally allowed to put things.

Not only that, but you can submit pictures to show off you and your friends working on whatever particular project or just to show us our posters in the real world.

If you want to volunteer, I’d just ask that you shoot us a quick message. We’re looking for people who want to take on a little bit more responsibility for their area as well, so if you have any interest in that please send me a message and we’ll talk further.

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Migration Is Beautiful" was just released on by Voice of Art today! This short 3-part documentary follows powerhouse artist/activist Favianna Rodgriguez — a leading voice in the movement of artists raising awareness about U.S. immigration issues and many other pro-migrant artists as they go to Tucson and Charlotte to combat anti-migrant hate with art. It also shines light on some of the worst migration policies in the country and what the community is doing to fight them back.

Favianna is a co-founder of both and Culture Strike, two groups pushing back against the wave of anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation that has recently swept the nation. Pulitzer Prize winning author Jose Antonio Vargas explains the ironies of anti-immigration hysteria in a country founded by immigrants. Favianna participates in a visual campaign using the Monarch Butterfly as a symbol of the beauty and dignity of migrants.

Migration Is Beautiful, Pt. 2
Migration Is Beautiful, Pt. 3
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