Our #ArtistServices team is moderating a free panel on Saturday, August 10 during NEXT Weekend called The NEXT Waves of Creative Distribution with a surprise lineup.  The panelists will discuss the latest tech and trends in creative financing, digi distribution, guerrilla marketing and independent theatrical releases.

Distribution is always a hot topic when it comes to independent filmmaking and to give a little perspective, here is the synopsis for the Marketing, Distribution and Home Video panel from the 1988 Sundance Film Festival:

The shifting habits of movie-viewing away from theatres towards home video have brought on analogous shift in the marketing, distribution and even production agendas of documentary and feature films. Many companies will now guarantee a hefty production advance – predicated on theatrical exposure – to secure a film for video release.  In such cases, home video is “driving” production, and the theatrical performance of the film becomes, virtually, advertising for its video release.  How this complex situation affects today’s filmmaking – and film-viewing – will be discussed.

Check out more on The NEXT Waves of Creative Distribution panel and NEXT Weekend Film Festival here.

Photo by Jonathan Hickerson

Attention, Filmmakers: Here's How to Design a Web Site for Your Film

Attention, Filmmakers: Here’s How to Design a Web Site for Your Film Indiewire In 2014, most every filmmaker knows that it’s important to build a website for your project. But how many of us know enough about programming or design to create a site that serves as a fitting representation of the project, let alone one that functions as a tool for both marketing and audience building? “As you add networks and outlets to your film’s identity, and as that footprint grows and grows, one of the first things that slips, because most of us can’t afford a full-time graphic designer, is the look and feel of your film,” said Joseph Beyer, director of digital initiatives for Sundance Institute. At IFP Independent Film Week in New York, the #ArtistServices panel entitled “Designing Your Look and Feel—What We Love Right Now” strove to address that very slippage.
Jeremy Schwartz of web publishing platform Squarespace advocated for very simple, straightforward, and aesthetically striking sites. “You have to be crystal clear about the goals of your…


Sundance Earth Day Selection:  2013 Edition

Today marks the 43rd Earth Day, and Sundance Institute’s #ArtistServices program is currently offering some special documentaries for home viewing that confront vastly different (but equally alarming) stories addressing urgent threats to the environment.  To observe Earth Day this year, we’re offering a hand-picked selection of sustainability-themed Sundance favorites for you to enjoy.

(L to R) If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front, The Cove, Chasing Ice, and Crude.

Check out the full list of films here.