Guild Wars 2 Commission for HeartofOnyx of their character Trisbaine. Thank you hun for commissioning me, he is a cutey. 

Also as a head up me and a couple friends are planning to open up our guild Rising Crowns to fellow artist (both serious and hobbyists) in the near future with art and game contests and prizes and just a small chill guild to hang with.  I’ll post more in the future but it’d be interesting to see if anyone’s interested.  

Check here if you’re interesting in a GW2 commission yourself btw

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RISE - this week’s blog post on - my twittart contribution and the power of doing what you say you are going to - to read click here.

'Bad Moon Rising' - acrylic on postcard, 2013, by F. E. Clark.

Hoping to send this one off to the Twitartexhibit - hope it makes it across the water and I hope someone gives it a new home - all proceeds to charity.

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#ILLUSTRATION - A portrait of Hayao Miyasaki designed with his graphic world by Sát Thủ Cá Basa
A portrait with many details, all from the world of feature films of this great artist l Via

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Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Ian Innes from JE Models. Definitely one of the funnest shoots I’ve done in a while. It was also great being able to work with my homié Adam Dillon before he left San Francisco. Also, many thanks to Taylor Camp of The Tie Guy for helping me curate the photos from the shoot to showcase.

On a side-note: Models don’t starve themselves. I saw Ian scarf down a burger, garlic fries and a shake after the shoot.