MAJA IVARSON IS PREGNANT singer international “the sounds”

Maja Ivarsson pregnant - with secret love

Maja Ivarsson, 34, is pregnant.

The singer is expecting a baby with her secret love.

- She’s doing great and is happy and looking forward to becoming a mother, says her press contact at Warner, Emma Sundlöf

Two will become three.

The Sounds singer Maja Ivarsson-to have their first child together with her love.

The father’s identity is currently not Maia wants to go out with, but her press contact confirms that they are in a relationship.

Maja Ivarsson is now expected to become a mother at the beginning of next year.

- She’s doing great and is happy and looking forward to becoming a mother. She is in the fourth month, so it will be in February, I think, says Emma Sundlöf.

And at the moment is The Sounds out there on a tour and last played in Kalmar.

Next weekend waiting Malmöfestivalen.

- So far, she is alert and doing well and they have some gigs scheduled, says Emma Sundlöf.

Rumored fling with Darin

Maja Ivarsson broke through with The Sounds in 2002.

When she was ten years later was featured in TV4’s “So Much Better” was rumored about a fling with the artist Darin Zanyar.

Something Maja commented as follows in the program:

- I hope we can be more than friends.

In an interview with Expressen about the same time Maja Ivarsson told that she was thinking of having a family.

- Of course I do. I have friends here in Malmo with kids who are happy because I like children very much, said Maja Ivarsson then.

"I may want to have children”

One that made her think a lot was also the singer Sylvia Vrethammar - even as she was in the same season of “So Much Better” by Maja Ivarsson.

- She is someone I look up to and I wondered how she solved career from a female perspective. How is one big star and also a mother. But it turns out that she does not have children. Role models like Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry also has no children, said Maja Ivarsson and continued:

- It is clear that it makes me wonder. I am 33 years. I’m not young anymore. I may want to have children.

Maja Ivarsson has previously been with The Sounds drummer Fredrik Nilsson for five years. She also had an equally long relationship with a woman.

- I fell in love with someone I never thought I would fall in love. But I followed my heart. When something like that happens, I think you have to take care of it, said Maja Ivarsson