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Five Questions is an ongoing blog feature that highlights the artists behind the work we showcase at our project space Flowerbox Projects

Kerry Ware is one of four artists featured in our upcoming show Homemade Lemonade. Ware composes his abstractions through intuitive gesture and by finding inspiration in nature, music, and the materials he uses, such as plaster, wooden dowels and dried pigment. We sat down with him for a short Q & A:

  1. Warm-up: Are you a morning person or a night person? Morning person.
  2. Who or what first encouraged you to work beyond canvas and stretcher? I have a B.F.A. in sculpture, I love using and taking advantage of materials. The pegs evolved as a way to hang one of my small plaster paintings to drilling holes in wooden panels to the entire wall.
  3. Of the materials you’re working with, which ones have surprised you the most? The reason I work on plaster panels is because I enjoy the unexpected possibilities that occur by washing paint over them, sanding, scraping…I am a devout modernist that believes the quality derives from my materials. I attempt to set up a situation that allows for accident and surprise. I play off of this until things begin to “set up” or just “feel right.” I never know exactly what may happen. The end result is unknown. This way I am always discovering and excited about the possible results.
  4. Describe a moment when you felt you had failed as an artist – what did it teach you? (a) When I could not draw like Leonardo da Vinci. (b) There is more to art than drawing the figure.
  5. The eternal question: Nature or nurture? Which do you think applies more to your practice? (a) Both.  (b) We are born with gifts and talents but they must be nurtured, exercised, used and manipulated.

The opening reception to Homemade Lemonade is Friday, March 20 from 6-10pm. The show will be on view from March 20 to May 15. For more information, please visit us at