I’m officially commissioning custom paintings for the holidays! Whether you’re buying for a loved one or yourself, I am available to create a unique, custom piece specifically for the intended person.

Whether they have a favorite movie, television show (let me paint your OTP!) or would prefer a portrait or other image, even a flash sheet, it can be done and I would love to do it!

Feel free to contact me at my personal blog or my art blog. You can also reach me at emilyclute.art@gmail.com with any and all questions.

A Little Assistance Here


Hey everyone, 

I’m starting commissions and I really need your help here. I know that with the holidays coming up we’re all a little strapped for cash so even if you just reblog this, it will be a giant help. 

I will be doing tattoo designs for you guys. Pricing will be quoted depending on size and detail as well as color. Contact me at jamescommiss@gmail[dot]com for more details. And if you would like to see more of my other designs click here.  

i don’t normally like photos of tattoos that aren’t healed cause ew so swollen and so gross but i just can’t get over how amazing this is and it’s not even finished. well, i mean this part is, still have the shoulder/neck merge to go and the inside arm. it’s all going to extend up into my butterfly tattoo that was for my best friend who died. the best thing is, i’m getting it finished on his birthday.