The 2 Types Of Newborns In Fandoms

Gradually Becoming An Obsessed Freak Newborn- These kinds of newborns are the ones that are cute and adorable. They usually ask people about things and they’re the kind of newborns who would listen to every single song that artist has released or watch every single video that that person uploaded. They would usually look up facts about them, stalk and follow all their social media websites, and watch funny moments of that person or group. They know they’re new, and they’re totally fine with it. Eventually, after a period of time, they know so much about that artist or person, it’s as if they were there since the beginning.

Newborn That Acts Like They Know Everything- These kinds of newborns are honestly the most annoying out of them. They act like they know everything about that group or person, and pretend they’ve been a fan since the beginning. They usually know at least three songs (usually the most popular ones) by that group or artist, or they have probably seen the mostly watched video by that person. These fans are unfortunately the luckiest ones. They end up going to many concerts or going to events in which they can see that group/person. These newborns usually don’t know how to spell or pronounce the person/group’s name. Honestly, no one really likes these types of newborns. They never really bother to learn anything about them because they feel like they already know enough. But they don’t. And it’s annoying.


1st salute to the talented Phealls Phree, support him wherever and whenever you find him! #artisttowatch

I love the genuine surprise on all their faces. They legitimately did not think they were getting this award because NOTHING has been handed to them throughout their entire career. They have fought so incredibly hard for everything, and the pure, humble shock they have in winning is my absolute favorite part.

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